In SoFi Stadium in California, Kim Kardashian’s family day out at the football didn’t go as planned as fans booed her. On Sunday, Week 5 of the NFL season, she watched the Los Angeles Rams host the Dallas Cowboys in Inglewood, Los Angeles. People have taken to social media to react to the booing of Kardashian at the stadium, with videos of the event circulating online. Unfortunately, there was not the best reception for the celebrity at the event.

Similarly, Kendall Jenner was criticized online when she attended the US Open final. She was spotted there with her boyfriend, Devin Booker.

Rams-Cowboys NFL Game: Kim Kardashian Gets Booed Brutally

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian At SoFi Stadium, California.

On Sunday, American celebrity Kim Kardashian was ‘booed’ loudly when she attended a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams in SoFi Stadium in California. Usually, she doesn’t receive boos from those around her when she makes high-profile public appearances like this one. She was dressed in Balenciaga clothing, likely worth thousands of dollars.

During a break in the game, the big screen showed her watching the action from the stands, but suddenly fans started booing her. As the booing began, it became clear that the watching crowd held Kim Kardashian in such contempt for no specific reason.

As the screen changed to a random fan named Steve, the crowd greeted him with loud cheers, the opposite reaction from the former partner of famous rapper Kanye West.

It is often said that the Kardashians get preferential treatment from advertisers and sponsors compared to true fans of specific sports and trends. Fans think that Kardashians are trying to hijack sporting events for cheap publicity.

The anger towards Kim Kardashian possibly resulted from her privileged position within the stadium.

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A Clueless Kendall Jenner at the US Open

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker
Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker at US Open final

As the US Open final took place on Sunday, the American model Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend Devin Booker were spotted watching the event together. They enjoyed PDA while watching Casper Ruud and Carlos Alcaraz compete for the title. The official Instagram account of the US Open shared a video showing the couple watching the game.

In the video, Kendall Jenner looked utterly clueless about what was happening. However, there was an exciting moment in the clip when Booker stood up to get a better view of the game. Then, Jenner clapped along with everyone else when everyone else was ecstatic.

The crowd quickly spotted clueless Jenner, and that she was just cheering along with the crowd.

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NFL Player Could Be Kim Kardashian’s Next Boyfriend: Fans

Kim Kardashian in Milan Fashion Week Feb 2022
Kim Kardashian in Milan Fashion Week Feb 2022

The reception for Kardashian was more hostile, and the boos built throughout the 10 seconds that she appeared on the giant screen. Despite some fans booing Kim, many people tried to get a picture of her.

The reality star shared videos of her day at the NFL game on her Instagram Story, but she did not openly respond to any claims that she was booed.

Despite this, fans believe Kim Kardashian will date a RAMS football player. A picture of Kim’s metallic blue Balenciaga bag next to Rams merchandise was shared by Kim. So, the fans speculated that Rams player Bobby Wagner could be Kim’s next boyfriend.

During Sunday’s action, the Dallas Cowboys emerged victorious.

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