Many have said that any man the Kardashians get romantically involved ended up being ruined one way or another. This came to be known among the public as the ‘Kardashian Curse’. And since the start of their fame many men including Kim Kardashian’s former husband Kanye West, have received the same fate. One of these men who seemed to have suffered the most after being involved with the Kardashians is the singer Ray J. He was accused by Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner as the one who leaked the infamous S** tape. Plus Kim K also allegedly stole a huge amount of money from his sister Brandy.

However, Kris Jenner’s denial of leaking the tape themselves as a part of an agreement angered RayJ further. Following that the Singer has been posting disturbing and concerning thoughts about ending his life. All through this, his sister has been supporting him.

Kim Kardashian’s Problematic History with Brandy and Ray J

RayJ and Brandy
RayJ and Brandy

Back when the American socialite was young and inexperienced, Brandy who was a big celebrity at the time provided Kim Kardashian with a job. Kim K worked as Brandy’s stylist and a closet manager. The Skims founder has on many occasions even thanked The Boy is Mine singer for the opportunity. However, the good and friendly relationship between the two did not last long. Kim K started a relationship with Brandy’s younger brother Ray J. And then stole a huge amount from his family. The Kardashians sharply denied the claim at the time.

Years later it was revealed that the breakup between Kim Kardashian and Ray J was due to this accusation. It came to light that the case has been solved out of court. As years later the singer took to Instagram live to tell that Brandy was paid 700k dollars by the court’s order.

Kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian

The American socialite hurt Brandy one another time when a voice tape got leaked where she is dissing Whitney Houston. The I Will Always Love You singer was a close friend of Brandy at those times. Soon after reports of the, I do It For You singer having seizures came out. Although Brandy has never accused or even hinted that Kim K was responsible, people have pointed fingers at the reality star. One user wrote,

“Ray J (sic) depression kicking his *** and now Brandy having seizures and ****……That Kardashian curse is real”

Whether or not the curse is real, both Brandy and Ray J have suffered with their involvement with the Kardashians.

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Ray J’s Suicidal Post After the Infamous S** Tape


The stealing case was not the only issue that Ray J went through with his involvement with Kim Kardashian. He was also blamed for the leak of the infamous s*x tape of him and Kim K by her family.

This seems to have angered him a lot.  As he revealed documents released by TMZ which contained an agreement between himself, Kim K, and Kris Jenner to leak the tape. And for all those years earlier the reality star had been used as a weapon. To keep herself on the good side by accusing Ray J. The documents turned out to be true. However, following that Kris Jenner denied the claim once again on live in the Late Late Show. 

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That must have been the last straw for Ray J as afterward, he started posting several concerning posts. In one he wrote as a caption for a picture that read, “SHOULD I JUST JUMP off and end it rit now!!!!?”

Soon after Brandy appealed to him via social media and wrote “Need You Bro @RayJ”. Sources close to Brandy have revealed that she holds Kim K for her brother’s issues. And even wished she had never gotten involved with her in the first place as she believes the Skims founder ruined Ray J’s life.

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