The sixth day of May 2023 witnessed one of the most historic events of our time. The coronation ceremony of His Majesty King Charles and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles took place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. More than 20,000 people had gathered to witness the first coronation ceremony in 70 years.

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His Majesty King Charles and Camila Parker Bowles

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The coronation of King Charles took place after eight months after Queen Elizabeth’s demise. The Royal family has always been a topic of curiosity for the masses. The coronation of King Charles has been a trending topic on the internet even before it took place. The prestigious event took place in the presence of all the royal members of the family.

Why King Charles Was Angry With Prince William And Kate Middleton Before The Coronation?

The coronation of King Charles was one of the most important events for the royal family. Everyone from his extended family was invited for the ceremony along with a few A-listers from Hollywood. His Majesty King Charles had a meltdown just before the coronation ceremony took place. Prince William and Kate Middleton along with their kids Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were late for the coronation procession. King Charles was furious about the careless behavior of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They were supposed to arrive by 10:45 to start the processions. Due to the late arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the ceremony started late. 

According to a lip-reading expert, King Charles allegedly said,

“We can never be on time. Yes, I’m…This is negative.”

His Majesty even said,

“There’s always something, this is boring.”

King Charles and Prince William

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The bishop of Chelmsford Dr. Guli Francis-Dehqani even confirmed the chain of events that led to the delayed start of the coronation ceremony. He said,

“There were one or two things that didn’t go strictly to plan, I’m not going to embarrass anyone in particular.”

According to The Guardian, King Charles was upset over Prince William and Kate Middleston’s irresponsible behavior. The father and son duo never had a great relationship after the sudden death of Princess Diana and it was very well reflected at the coronation ceremony. 

Why Was Prince Harry Not Given Any Royal Duties In The Coronation Ceremony Of King Charles?

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage, tension between the couple and the Royal family increased. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave up on their royal duties and came under the category of the exiled royals. They even brought out the secrets of the royal family in front of the world. 

Prince Harry was present for his father, King Charles’s coronation on May 6. He was not accompanied by his wife Meghan Markle and was spotted sitting at a distance from his elder brother. 

Members of the royal family were appointed with important tasks and responsibilities during the coronation. The officials, Prince William, and other important members of the royal family were seated in the front row. According to an insider present during the ceremony, 

“Harry has not been told where he’s sitting yet, but I highly doubt that it’s as far back as the 10th row.”

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King Charles and Prince Harry

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Prince Harry was present during the coronation of King Charles but did not stay back in the UK. The honorable event and his elder son Archie’s birthday happened to be on the same day. He returned to Los Angeles to celebrate his son’s birthday. A source from the royal family clarified, 

“Harry’s going to show up to support his dad. All I know is that it’s a stretch to ask much more for him … he doesn’t have any sort of agenda other than just getting in and getting out.”

The world saw one of the iconic days of History. It has been estimated that the entire cost of the coronation came to an estimated value between $63 million and $125 million.

Source: The Guardian

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