Over the summer, announcement at Comic-Con International in San Diego revealed the appearance of Brandon Routh for “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. In other words, the Superman Returns star would be returning in the role of Clark Kent again. This time he wears the suit of Superman version in the Kingdom Come.

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Kingdom Come Superman Backstory

Fans are excited about this and are questioning themselves how much of the backstory of Kingdom Come Superman would be shown on TV. Well, the answer might be in the new “Crisis on Infinite Earths” photos. 

Kingdom Come Superman’s Photos:

Clark Kent

Standing in front of a framed Newspaper copy of the Daily Planet in One of the Crisis on Infinite Earths photos features Brandon Routh as Clark Kent. This might inform the insight of Kingdom Come Superman’s backstory

In the picture, behind Clark Kent, a newspaper on the wall describes several Daily Planet employees death due to a gas attack. This looks similar to the edition when Kingdom Come was published in the ’90s.

In addition to that, in the image, Waid is credited as a Daily Planet staff writer. There appears an article where he wrote a more significant title that says “Numerous fatalities in news office gas attack.”

Story in Comics

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Crisis on Infinite Earths Photo may reveal Kingdom Come Superman Backstory

The Joker on the Daily Planet launched a gas attack and killed numerous staff members accordingly, in the comics. There he also attacked Lois Lane with an award that resides on her desk. This caused her death due to which Superman gets into Seclusion and takes retirement. The sets the stage for the initiation of Kingdom Come story.

In The comics, major Superheroes of the DC multiverse ensemble in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” to battle an immortal, cosmic threat known as Anti-Monitor.

Source: ComicBook, HeroicHollywood


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