The Marvel Cinematic Universe series produced for Netflix was pretty good overall. There were some low points, but there were also some too high points. Unquestionably, Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Wilson Fisk was one of those high points. His depiction of Marvel’s Kingpin was probably the single most remarkable performance of all the series. D’Onofrio himself made it clear that he enjoyed playing the part, and he wanted to do it again. He’s still fighting for the gig, even two years later.

Vincent’s Retweet

Vincent D’Onofrio recently retweeted a petition that was made on significantly to “Save Daredevil.” The petition itself was made shortly after Netflix canceled Daredevil. Still, it sees a new life as the chance of Daredevil coming back is clear, perhaps, about to get much better. D’Onofrio explicitly asked his followers to sign the petition, displaying that this isn’t just a passing phase for him. He truly wants to get that job back.

Possibility of Coming Back

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Daredevil characters have a possibility of coming back as the deal to not use same characters in other movies or series for 2 years is coming to an end with the completion of 2 years.

It’ll be exciting to see if we get a resurgence of interest in the Marvel/Netflix series. As we reach the second anniversary of the official cancellation of Daredevil by Netflix. It was initially reported that the deal between the two indicated that the characters used in the Netflix series could not be used in new movies or series for two years. Still, if we are close to bypassing that date. It would mean that Daredevil, Kingpin, and the others could make their way back to the MCU in some form.

Will we see Marvel quickly rehire all the Netflix series actors to reprise their roles, either as a direct continuation of those series or as “new versions of identical characters? Jamie Foxx is presently on board the next MCU Spider-Man movie, playing what is said to be a new version of the same absolute character he played in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Hence, the idea that Marvel could bring back Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin is far from insane.

Return of Daredevil

Return of Daredevil
According to some rumors it is likely that Daredevil might appear in the upcoming Spider Man movie.

Probably, that is indeed precisely what’s happening. However, some rumors have indicated that Daredevil might appear in the upcoming Spider-Man movie. Charlie Cox who played the role for Netflix have made it very clear that he is not associated with it even if anything like that happens.

It seems more than expected that we’ll see them once more. But if the plan isn’t to bring them all back exactly as we knew them. We could see the characters rebooting into new movies or series. But that doesn’t imply that Vincent D’Onofrio can’t just come back. And play the “new version of the same almost perfect, Kingpin.

Would you like to see Vincent D’Onofrio come back to play Kingpin? Please let us know in the comments below.



Source:  CBR , Comic Book , Cinema Blend

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