There is a new DC game called “Outlaws” and it was supposed to be announced soon. This is according to some leakers who’ve shared an image of what looks to be promotional artwork for the game. If the rumors are true, the new game will be fully revealed by WB Games on April 26.

Leaked DC ‘Outlaws’ Information

The DC Outlaws leaks come from both 4chan and ResetEra. So like most leaks, it is more than reasonable to approach this one with some skepticism. The leaked artwork for the game is been shown below from ResetEra. It shows the game’s title with what looks to be Gotham in the background judging from the Wayne Enterprises building. That’s about all the images offers in terms of what the game might be about. But DC fans have their own theories!

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Some theories suggest that Outlaws might be the game that Rocksteady’s been working on. It has been the subject of much speculation in the past, though there’s nothing in the teaser that would confirm that. As for the DC Comics characters that’ll be involved, Red Hood and the entire cast of the Suicide Squad are the two possibilities. People even pointed to the Red Hood and the Outlaws comics as a possible explanation for the name of the game.

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There was an entirely separate leak which came days before. It was circulated on ResetEra and 4chan supposedly laid out plans for a Warner Bros. game which might be this Outlaws project that’s now leaked. What’s said to be a leaked email spoke of games as a service features and reveal plans for gameplay presentations and other content. Though whether it’s connected to Outlaws or is even real, hasn’t been confirmed!

Teasers are said to be shared on WB’s social media accounts before the game is fully revealed. So we’ll have to look for those before April 26th to see if the leaks are legit!

(Source: ComicBook and Restera)

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