Leonardo DiCaprio recently shocked the world by breaking one of his biggest dating rules. DiCaprio who is known to only date girls under the age of 25 has broken his spell. He has been spotted alongside supermodel Gigi Hadid. They have been spotted together quite often recently and it has been confirmed that the pair are in a relationship. It’s surprising to know that Leo broke his dating rule as Hadid is quite different from the girls he has dated before.

New Couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are Creating Buzz

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid
Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid

The Titanic actor and the supermodel may seem like an unusual pair but you never know what might work out. Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are the current talks of the town as they have been spotted together on numerous occasions. First spotted together at the New York Fashion Week, the pair were pictured together again. As seen in the above picture, they seem to be having a conversation alongside friends. They were seen at the Hotel Casa Cipriani in New York.

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Leonardo DiCaprio More Engaged in the Relationship than Gigi Hadid?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid
Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio have been getting to know each other recently. Hadid who is a busy supermodel is poles apart from DiCaprio’s type. Other than not being under the age of 25, she also has a busy schedule which doesn’t make her available for the lavish vacations that DiCaprio is known for. As they are getting to know each other, sources have indicated that DiCaprio is quite serious about her. Hadid, who wants to keep it casual has said to not make this exclusive. While on the other hand, DiCaprio has been showing keen interest. Sources said,

“Leo has been asking mutual friends about Gigi and wants to get to know her.”

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Gigi Hadid’s Past With Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

The supermodel has been in an on-off relationship with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. The pair also have a 2-year-old daughter Khai Hadid Malik. The couple seemed to finally call it quits after a nerve-wracking incident. Allegedly, Malik grabbed his mother-in-law Yolanda Hadid and shoved her into a dresser. Which according to court documents caused mental anguish and physical pain. On the other hand, DiCaprio broke up with his girlfriend Camila Morrone after her 25th birthday. Their breakup just made the case of him dating women under 25 stronger. Hence, the unusual response DiCaprio is getting after showing interest in Hadid.

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