Hugh Jackman’s farewell to the X-Men universe came through the 2017 spin-off movie Logan. The audience said goodbye to the longest standing X-Men – Wolverine as he lays down his final stand.


But contrary to what most had thought, the movie did not connect the X-Men universe with the Marvel Cinematic Universe; given the fact that Disney had not officially acquired rights to the X-Men by then. Marvel thus did not have the X-Men back!

But recently, a reddit user electron-shock tried to connect the events of Logan to make it a part of the MCU in a roundabout way. Given MCU finally has rights to the X-Men, this fan theory has a clean way to connect the two world together without a lot of fuss.


Fan Theory Madness!

The fan theory basically states that the X-Men were transported to another dimension, where the Avengers and their allies reside. This brings in the theory of multiverse, which will be at the center stage in upcoming MCU movie – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In Logan, the ”Westchester incident” as stated, claims Professor X or Sir Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier killed all the mutants in a freak accident. But what if they are not dead, and only transported from one universe to another?


As the redditor states – “Professor X didn’t kill the X-Men as described in Logan. They were pulled into the MCU and Prof X took the blame in the confusion. The multiverse tear is also what ‘broke’ Xaiver.”


Xavier went cuckoo after the incident, as he began to hear the minds of the people of his own universe; but also from the multiverse (maybe?) and it became too much for his own mind. The incident takes all the mutants who ‘died’ into the Avengers universe, and that’s how Peters’ Quicksilver is able to have a cameo in the WandaVision episode.


As we saw in the recent WandaVision episode, Wanda’s twin brother Quicksilver dropped by to say hi! But it wasn’t Aaron Taylor-Johnson who gets reanimated as we had all hoped, but Evan Peter s’ Peter from the X-Men universe.

Combining these two worlds like that makes it easy to say that there is a very good chance that a possible explanation for it is to have the mutants transported from one universe to another.


It should also be remembered that the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are not mutants, nor the children of Magneto as like in the comics. They were given powers from the Mind stone that had fell into Hydra’s hands. On the other hand, the X-Men universe does not have a Scarlet Witch, at least not that was shown on screen. But Peters’ Quicksilver is very much a mutant, and a son of Magneto at that.

So having these two characters come together will have really big consequence, as we merge two worlds together.


Prof X Madness!

As we saw in the movie Logan, Professor X has a degenerative brain disease. Remember that hotel scene in Las Vegas where every human and mutant alike were rendered powerless when Charles began having a seizure. And things did not calm down until he was given a shot of his medication by Wolverine.

So according to this theory somehow his powers, instead of killing the mutants as thought by the people of his world, were somehow sent to another. Xavier is undoubtedly one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men universe, so it is possible that he somehow tore into the universe and in a time of immense pressure moved the mutants through worlds.


Maybe Charles does not remember he did that, or he cannot let others know that there are other universes out there; and is shouldering the events without speaking about what really happened.

Future Madness!

Whether or not that is a real possibility is yet to be seen. Given Doctor Strange will also be a part of the third Spider-Man movie; and actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield who have played the titular character previously are a part of the Tom Holland starrer movie; it is a possibility that we will have more than one character from the multiverse interacting with each other.


How much of that will adhere to this fan theory and how much of it will be something different entirely, we will just have to wait until the movies are released in the upcoming years.

The third instalment of the Spider-Man movie is set to release later this year, in the December of 2021. And Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set for March of 2022.

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