The Multiverse is a go. And along with that, many alternate parallel reality versions of popular Marvel superheroes. That begs the question – What about the Thor Variants?

Beta Ray Bill

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Beta Ray Bill needs no introduction. A champion of the Korbinite race, Beat Ray Bill was acknowledged by Odin for his righteousness and nobility,. After he was found to be worthy of Mjolnir, Bill was given the Stormbreaker hammer. Beta Ray Bill has already been teased in the MCU in Thor: Ragnarok. It is about time he shows up for real

War Thor

War Thor feature

War Thor is actually Volstagg who takes up the power of Thor. This Thor Variant came into being after Volstagg failed to protect a group of children from Malekith the Accursed. The rage in him gave him strength to lift Ultimate Thor’s hammer and he became War Thor, a God who only lives to breed and thrive in violence and battle.

Thor 2099

Thor Marvel 2099

Cecil McAdams is a devout follower of the Church of Thor in the year 2099. The evil Alchemax corporation performs a procedure on him that gives him the powers and abilities that mimic those of the original God of Thunder. Despite Alchemax having total control over his powers, Cecil still becomes a force for good. This would also help launch the 2099 timeline, bringing the fan-favorite Spider-Man character – Miguel O’Hara to the MCU.

King Thor

king thor loki

King Thor is the grim and dark future version of Thor. The God of Thunder is missing an eye and an arm in the service of the nine realms. He has fought off villains like Gorr the God Butcher and Loki. Now he uses his vast magical powers to stave off the end of time. He later gives up his hammer to his grand daughters and sacrifices his life to save all of existence. King Thor would make for a good way for Thor to realize not everything is hunky dory in the MCU. The Future holds a dark fate for him.

Ultimate Thor

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Thorlief Golmen does not have access to his Godly powers. He is a well-known writer and conspiracy theorist who people think merely ‘claims’ to be a God of Thunder. He later uses a powered suit and a high tech weapon to replicate his powers before being restored to Godhood once more.


Thunderstrike feature

Masterson is an architect and a divorcee who Odin finds worthy of wielding the power of Thor. After Thor is banished from Asgard for killing Loki, Masterson becomes the new Thor with his magical mace – Thunderstrike. While he may not have appeared till now in anyway in the MCU, Thor’s attire in Thor 4 is similar to Eric Masterson’s. So there’s a chance we might see this Thor Variant too.


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In the comics, Throg’s real name is Puddlegulp. He was once a human who was cursed by a witch, turning into a frog. After finding a splinter off of Mjolnir on the ground, he attains the power of Thor. Puddlegulp was seen trapped in a jar in teh End of Time in Loki. Maybe he might make a return in Love & Thunder.

Jane Foster Thor

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In Thor: Love 7 Thunder, Jane Foster is slated to take up the mantle of Thor, Goddess of Thunder. She is worthy of Mjolnir, the mythical Norse hammer. While Marvel has not given us a story on how this happens, now that Loki has created a multi-verse, the answer could be quite simple. Jane Foster Thor is a variant of Thor from another universe.

Revenger Thor

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The Cancerverse was already hinted at in the Captain Marvel movie. This parallel reality Thor is corrupted by the powers of an evil Captain Mar-Vell. The Avengers, now evil and corrupted by the powers of the Many-Angled Ones, call themselves the Revengers. Thor even calls his team the Revengers in Thor: Ragnarok. This would be a fun way to bring that reference full circle. Revenger Thor is as evil as it gets though.

Herald Of Galactus Thor

thor herald of galactus thunder 1204541

Considering it is Galactus we are talking about, Marvel will somehow make sure the Devourer of Worlds makes it to the MCU. And if there are indeed plans for Galactus, why not introduce this Thor variant that works for him. This Thor Variant could borrow from the comic books. In the comics, Thor is the King of Asgard who is given the Power Cosmic by Galactus, becoming his Herald. He has the Odin Force as well as the Power Cosmic, making him the most powerful version of Thor to ever exist.

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