At the end of Loki Episode 2, Lady Loki bombed the Sacred Timeline and created multiple alternate realities. Loki ended up facing her in battle and ultimately joining her at the end of the episode. Both the Loki’s have a bone to pick with the Time Keepers and the TVA. And each has their own selfish reason. Loki is searching for ultimate power, which he believes are the Time Keepers. Lady Loki on the other has a much grander scheme at work. When Loki asks her to join forces with him, she refuses, saying “It’s not about you”.

This begs the question – what is it about then?

Lady Loki Timeline Targets

At first glance, fans would be quick to assume that Lady Loki wants to overwhelm the TVA and then attack when they are vulnerable. She wants to kill the Time Keepers. But to what end? Does she have the same objective as Hiddleston’s Loki? Many would be quick to say yes. That lady Loki is also on a quest as shallow as attaining more power. But we believe she is working towards a way bigger picture. Lady Loki, ladies and gentlemen, is not after power. She is trying to take down the Time Keepers and the TVA permanently. And the reasons is…..

Lady Loki Wants To Free The Variants

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The Time Keepers are forever engaged in untangling the mess of the Sacred Timeline. For them to do that, they have to rely on the TVA and its forces to prune alternate time branches and delete all variants. From what we know so far, Lady Loki knows more about the Time Keepers that she lets in on.

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The Time Variance Authority works on its own set of strict rules and regulations. These rules allow for the protection of the Sacred Timeline. The rest of the alternate timelines are not given the same preferential treatment. Variants are not inherently evil. They are still sentient beings with a moral compass who did something they were not supposed to. That does not make them villains. But the TVA has been treating them as such. For literally all time, the TVA has been killing innocent time variants, destroying entire timelines because of the rules they set themselves.

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That seems unfair and partial. The alternate timelines and the trillions and trillions of time variants that the TVA deals with on a dialy basis deserve a fair chance. That is something the TVA is not giving it to them. And hence, Lady Loki intends to create a mess so big the TVA would have its hands full.

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And then when the time is right, she would infiltrate the organization, killing the Time Keepers. This would allow all timelines to co-exist in peace and harmony. That is Lady Loki’s ultimate objective.

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