Mustafa Shakir, who reprised the role of John McIver-slash-Bushmaster in Luke Cage Season Two, is pissed at Marvel and Netflix for the cancelation of the show.

“They cancelled [Luke Cage] and well, I got a little upset,” Shakir wrote on Instagram Saturday accompanied by a photo showing his enraged supervillain. “I’ll be ok guys… But they might not be!!!”

The post was accompanied by a pair of crying and laughing emojis and a hashtag saying “I’m pissed.”

Shakir was expected to return as Bushmaster in the upcoming seasons after the injured superhuman went back to his Jamaica after failing to murder Mariah Stokes (Alfre Woodward), leaving the door open for McIver to come back to Harlem once he has harnessed the power of the Nightshade that gives him his enhanced abilities.

The actor told The Hollywood Reporter that he envisioned McIver coming back to the city to “do some good,” potentially rivaling new Harlem de facto leader, Luke Cage.

“I think with my imagination sometimes, I feel like Luke is going to go nuts in the street and they’re going to be like, ‘Luke, what have you become? We need to get somebody who can beat up Luke Cage,’”

Shakir said.

“And then they come back, and they go to Jamaica and find [Bushmaster]: ‘This is the only guy who was able to do it.’ I know exactly how that intersection would happen. But I think as a broad point, I think it’ll be a lot of gray areas. At least I hope so, because that’s a lot more interesting to me.”

Luke got canceled by Netflix and Marvel on Friday via a joint statement by the two companies. This happened one week after Netflix canceled the third season of Iron Fist.

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