Mario could be the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, but Luigi may be a much better hero than Mario could ever be. Mario is one of the foremost iconic computer game characters of all time.

Luigi is loved More than Mario!

Luigi is loved More than Mario!
Luigi is far better than Mario in every aspect!

With Super Mario Bros for the NES being partially liable for reviving computer game s after the video game crash of the first 80s, Mario found himself during a unique, excellent position. He was a hero for the Mushroom Kingdom and gamers on Earth. However, Mario is way less attractive than his brother, Luigi. While the two often continue adventures together, Luigi has garnered an increasingly large fanbase that celebrates the often-overlooked green hero. But while many admire and respect Luigi, is he truly better than his iconic brother, Mario? The solution, of course, is yes.

Personality Test: Mario vs Luigi

Personality Test Mario vs LuigiWe see Luigi as Superior, be it personality or behaviour!

Mario will often leave off his thanks to helping others and save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. However, within the Donkey Kong titles, we learn Mario kept Donkey Kong as a pet and tortured the poor animal. In Donkey Kong Jr., we even see Mario cage and humiliate his ape, forcing his son to undertake and rescue him. By comparison, Luigi, despite working alongside his brother in almost every main title game, never receives any reward for his actions from Peach. In Luigi’s Mansion titles, Luigi may be a naturally anxious person, which suggests he often puts himself in situations that are stressful for him to assist his brother out. While Mario accepts cake as his reward, Luigi manages to use the cash he earns along his journey to take a position inland, proving he’s a much more frugal, financially intelligent person. He’s also far kinder to his pet ghost dog, Spooky, than Mario is to Yoshi, the species of animals that saved his life as a baby.

Who is more stronger?

Who is more stronger?Without any power-ups he always wins!

Mario often uses tons of power-ups to fight Bowser and typically has the assistance of his brother to assist him. While Luigi fights Bowser tons, but he also has two villains of his own: King Boo and Waluigi. Luigi had no power-ups aside from prototype technology that functions similarly to a vacuum. In contrast, when Mario faces the legions of the undead employed by Bowser, he runs away, unable to place them down. This already makes Luigi a more significant threat than Mario, especially considering most of what Mario has accomplished was accomplished partially because of Luigi. But Peach doesn’t even make cakes for Luigi unless Mario is there. To them, Luigi is barely an individual.

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Luigi is loved More than Mario!

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