Star Wars Legend Mark Hamill might not actually be Sebastian Stan’s father but that didn’t stop him sending his long-lost doppelgänger and/or son a tickling happy birthday message!

People often say that Stan resembles that of Mark and some fans even created a fan art which shows Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker. Recently, Hamill took to Twitter to acknowledge the likeliness between the two through a rather funny birthday post for Stan. Here’s what he wrote:

“Sorry to disappoint you but I refuse to say ‘Sebastian Stan- I AM YOUR FATHER!’ (even though in fact I am).

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Stan has previously expressed his interest in playing the role of Luke in the future. However, we don’t really see any plans of a Star Wars project with a younger Luke in plain sight. Although Hamill is set to return to his iconic role of Luke Skywalker for one last time in Star Wars: Episode 9.

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