It’s about time the X-Men can officially appear right into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel fans are currently speculating which actors might bring renowned personalities to life. Speculators even consist of prolific comic author Mark Millar. 


Millar Praised For Accurate Prediction

Recently, a fan took to Twitter to point out that Millar “anticipated the future” of the MCU in a panel from 2002. It modelled Nick Fury after Samuel L. Jackson. It also happened to name drop future Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. Millar replied to the tweet with the message of “remember, I’m never incorrect.” He additionally added that Taron Egerton would be the following actor to represent Wolverine.



Millar Predicts Egerton to take up Wolverine

 Millar Predicts Egerton to take up Wolverine

Naturally, Millar has a well-established rapport with Egerton. The star has starred in the adaptation of Millar’s Kingsman comics. Still, he isn’t alone in hypothesizing about the Rocketman celebrity playing Wolverine. The actor lately addressed the same wishes. 

” That one I think is simply a report,” Egerton admitted in an interview previously this month. “As much as I’m conscious it’s unfounded. I don’t recognize if I’m fairly shocking enough. I suggest if individuals at Marvel assume I am, then terrific, let’s go. I think there are possibly better candidates. I would certainly love to be involved with that world someplace.”

Hugh Jackman provided a renowned efficiency as Wolverine for 20 years. It’s difficult to deny that whoever succeeds him has some rather big shoes to load, whether that be Egerton or otherwise.


Hugh Jackman’s Efforts Towards Wolverine 

Hugh Jackman’s Efforts Towards Wolverine 

” Hugh, just the physicality of all of it, simply to mass up,” X-Men manufacturer Lauren Schuler Donner stated previously this year. “This guy worked so hard to bulk up. He would get up at four in the morning to bulk as well as consume healthy protein dishes every 2 hours. So his all-natural state is a very slim individual. When you get to a certain age, the body won’t go any longer. I assume he was smart to state, ‘I’m at that factor. I can not do it.’ Now, that does not indicate he can’t return as older Wolverine. You never know. Future Wolverine, you never understand.”


Source: Comicbook, Lowyat

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