It’s an exciting time for the Spirit of Vengeance as Marvel’s Ghost Rider is quite well-known for punishing those who aren’t very kind and hurt the innocent, but all die-hard Ghost Rider fans know him for his signature motorbikes and vehicles. Johnny Blaze, who is the first Ghost Rider, was a fearless stuntman riding a hellish but very stylish motorcycle, and his vehicles were ridden by the latter versions of the hero have only grown more visual over the past years.

However, the most recent Ghost Rider who made his debut in Avengers #58 has no vehicle at all – because he doesn’t need one.

Mephisto Is Back To The Marvel Universe and Ronin

Mephisto in Marvel Comics

The current continuity in Marvel Comics, the villain Mephisto has finally started to enact his plan that was introduced in the Heroes Reborn (2021) crossover event. He contacted his many versions from various universes, and the Prince of Darkness desires to possess the power of infinite Mephistos to win each and every reality.

To halt this, the Avengers make another journey through the Multiverse, coming across versions of themselves, including a Doctor Strange–Captain America hybrid, we also see Jane Foster being trapped in an illusion with a Thor, and a universe that has the most mysterious and lethal version of them all: the Samurai Ghost Rider, aka the Ghost Ronin.

The story plot sees Avengers Looking For Ghost Ronin

Screenshot Ghost of Tsushima Legends 04
Ghost Ronin

In Avengers #58, written by Jason Aaron and artist Javier Garron, Nightwalk and Captain America look for Ghost Ronin in a different universe. Nighthawk is a pastiche of DC’s Dark Knight finds themselves in a different universe looking for the Ghost Ronin. Unfortunately, the Ghost Ronin is one of those heroes who is considerably more stealthy than other superheroes and mostly ends up finding them instead.

The Ghost Ronin takes on the biker gangs sent by the evil Mephistos in the multiverse past and kills them with his twin katanas, trying to aid both the Avengers and disappearing immediately after that.

“How exactly is he a Ghost Rider if he doesn’t ride anything?” asks a nearby Namor. “He rides the night itself,” answers Echo. “And he’s near.”

Ghost Ronin Wielding the same powers as the 616 Ghost Riders

Ghost Rider
Johnny Blaze as Ghost Rider In Earth 616

Wielding the same powers as the 616 Ghost Riders, riding the night itself allows this Ghost Rider to use the power unlike anyone, but during the daytime, limits his abilities. He has gone one-on-0ne fighting Mephisto’s minions in the past, or sometimes, demonic entities from his own universe. When Phoenix Force-wielding Echo and the Sub-Mariner Namor came across him in a ship full of hellspawn, the Ghost Ronin destroys it just by walking up to the vessel, slicing it in half with just a single swing of his sword. Seeing this, Mephisto’s minions immediately sink to the sea’s bottom.

Very powerful and equally mysterious, this Ghost Ronin has access to powers and abilities unavailable to Johnny Blaze or Robbie Reyes. There is no other hero who fights alongside him in his Marvel universe, so the ferocious hero loves to fight absolutely alone. This Ghost Ronin, who hails from Japan, is a man of few words but he never forgets to make them count; even when he warns Nighthawk, who wants him to rest for a day, saying “A true ronin walks for wisdom, as long as it takes.”

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