Marvel Comics Debuts Tony Stark’s New Godbuster Armour in Iron Man #10

Potential SPOILERS For Tony Stark: Iron Man #10

Playboy Tony Stark now has a new toy to play with. That new toy or rather, the new Iron Man armor is powerful enough to even kill a GOD. So, seeing its use; Tony has christened it as “The Godbuster Armor“. This suit was created by Tony Stark to take on a digital deity in Tony Stark: Iron Man #10.

The Godbuster Armour: Iron Man #10
The Godbuster Armour: Iron Man #10

Tony found himself in a desperate situation in “Stark Realities“, as he was trapped by the motherboard which he had created right in his company’s eScape virtual reality. After Tony found himself in a coma following the events of Marvel’s Civil War II, he re-built himself in the best possible way he could. But with the current unfolding events, he fears that he might not be the real Tony Stark and instead could be just a simulation of his real and former self.

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But it is this same fear which allowed him to fall into Motherboard’s trap. But after breaking the spell he soon realized that he could create or invent anything in this digital world. So he got working and created The Godbuster Armor. This new suit comes with gears, claws, and something which resembles a rocket launcher. In short, it looks like it can carry out the task for which it was created- defeating a god in just one solid hit.

The Godbuster Armor is really powerful and it does take out the Motherboard, which is the self-proclaimed god of eScape. But Tony looks to have been injured in the process. His eScape simulation body isn’t moving or even breathing and Jocasta fears that he might be done for. Tony has been in such situations before and has always found his way back. If he somehow doesn’t, his team will surely be ready to go up against the Controller in the real world.

Tony’s armors have always been different, strong and cool, but the Godbuster armor looks like it will take the cake for now.

The Hulkbuster Armour
The Hulkbuster Armour

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will surely have found the name Godbuster similar to the Hulkbuster which was showcased in Avengers: Age Of Ultron as well as in Avengers: Infinity War. So, speculation is rife with all the possibilities of whether this suit can also make its way into the movies or not. After all, the mad titan Thanos is practically a god after all and the Godbuster armor would surely do short work of him. But where will be fun in a one-hit-dead storyline after all?

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The question now posed is whether Tony will make it out alive or do will we have to bid goodbye to him and his brand new armor?. Marvel Comics is certainly teasing a catastrophe and it seems to indicate that not everyone out of Tony, Jocasta, Rhodey, Andy, Amanda, Bethany, Machine Man or the Wasp will be making it out alive before “Stark Realities” finally ends.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #10 is on sale now at your local comic shop and online from Marvel Comics.



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