Looks like the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes; Avengers have finally met their match in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most potential threat yet aka Kang the Conqueror.
In the Marvel Comics; Avengers : Mech Strike,  Kang’s techno-organic monsters have begun to create a havoc across the globe and Kang The Conqueror has been just waiting for the right moment to finish of the Avengers and rule their world.
Since he has revealed himself, he has killed Black Panther and crashed time into itself and even put the Avengers on the defensive.
Just when we thought all was done, a younger Thanos emerged to help Avengers (what is going on?) in the battle against Kang the Conqueror.
And, erm, for his good deeds in the Avengers : Mech Strike #4 , Thanos had to suffer the most devastating defeats at the hands of Kang.

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Avengers of course knew who Thanos was but the Mad Titan had no idea who these heroes are.
But he knew Kang as he is a threat to him too. Kang  with the help of time travel takes complete control of the Avengers’ Celestial headquarters at the Avengers Mountain and even  integrated himself into the systems and gains control over reality.
Kang has a difficult time finding the Avengers until they show themselves just to draw his attention and give Thanos enough time to target Kang.
Of course Thanos and Avengers together assemble at Kang’s location.
Kang has hooked himself into the Celestial technology at the Avengers’ headquarters and has almost limitless power and including control over time itself.

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Kang takes no time to just catch Thanos’ by his throat and Kang sends the Mad Titan fast – forwarding through the span of his life in a single moment and leaves him into bones and dust.

Even if this story doesn’t go along the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this version of Kang is enhanced by his connection to Avengers Mountain and we could see the same soon on the big screens.
Considering Thanos snapped his fingers and destroyed  half the universe, Kang didn’t take much time to kill Thanos.

Even the “mighty” Thanos needed the Infinity Stones to create a havoc in the MCU and Marvel and it happened after years of plotting and planning.
And on the other hand, Kang makes that entire incident look like a joke.
With so many conquests throughout his lifetimes, and seemingly limitless time and technology at his hands, Kang shows Thanos- level threat with no extra modifications and such moments like this exactly prove that why is the most dangerous threat Avengers have faced for a long time probably decades.

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And let’s be honest, no one really dies in comics and that means Black Panther is going to come back empowered and boost the Avengers squad so that they can take a shot at Kang – a villain who took down Thanos so effortlessly and all it took was one devastating strike that is it.
In the Avengers’ films, many heroes had to sacrifice their lives to take down Thanos and suffer so much for the same.

We can’t wait any longer to see Kang The Conqueror conquer the world in Antman 3.

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