In the latest version of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, one of the most and worst despised plot turnovers had been erased.


In the recent edition of Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man, one of the most despised twists has been erased that perhaps would add joy to several Spider-Man fans. It seems like writer Nick Spencer is planning for a massive retcon for One More Day where Peter Parker and Mary Jane will make a deal with the villain that will entirely change their past. With that said, this latest version will take time to retcon the Sins Past storyline altogether. It will reveal that Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn had not only an affair but children together.

Earlier, it was revealed that Peter’s first love, Gwen Stacy actually had an affair with Norman Osborn while they were in Europe that led to the birth of Stacy and Gabriel. Both the children rapidly aged due to the presence of Goblin serum in their blood. However, as Gwen sought to protect her children from Norman, it motivated him to kill the Green Goblin. Norman then raised the children, trained them, and made them believe that Peter was their real father who also killed their mother. However, once Stacy and Gabriel came to know the truth, they were largely faded from the continuity. Later, Stacy joined Interpol in Paris to track her brother down who then become crazy.

The idea behind the affair of Spider-Man’s first love and his greatest enemy was obviously a controversial move that has long stood as one of the pathetic chapters in the Spider-Man mythos. Apparently, One More Day acted as the reset button for a large part of Peter’s life. The decision was made by Marvel editorial, J. Michael Straczynski as he wanted to erase it all. With that said, the current writer used Amazing Spider-Man to erase Sins Past that will reveal that Stacy and Gabriel were actually clones who were working with Mysterio to make Norman think he had an affair with the twins.


Furthermore, the problem will continue to reveal that it was Harry who created clones of Gabriel and Stacy again and again making their father pay. Not only that, but Harry was also working to make Spider-Man pay for his sins. Apparently, Peter’s deal with Mephisto led Harry to get transformed into Kindred while staying connected to Norman’s recently revealed plan with Mephisto.

With not so many issues left, it is pretty much intriguing that Spencer is taking the time to clean up so much of Peter’s past. With that said, erasing Sins Past will be certainly commendable. It will tease One More Day retcon to show up and provide a satisfying conclusion for the last three years of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man.

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