All Spider-Man game fans were surprised yesterday by Sony and Insomniac Games with the release of the long-awaited New Game Plus Mode, which came with a few more features.

With this new mode, things got a little weirder and a bit comical.

Did you just leave your clothes on the floor??


50 Shades of Spider


When MJ’s dad catches you in her room.


Harder daddy


Shirtless Spider Bros!


The New Game Plus allows a user to carry all progress from his/her first playthrough. Hence, every suit, gadget and skill carries over into the new playthrough and is available for the get-to-go.

You can also unlock a new suit which sees Peter Parker with his mask on and nothing but boxers. This shit provides many hilarious moments, given that Parker is all about the gains. Players can play the whole game with the same near-naked Peter, as well as experiencing every cutscene with it. This can also lead to many hilarious moments.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available exclusively for PS4.

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