Luke Cage got canceled by Netflix and Marvel on Friday, just one week after the cancellation of Iron Fist — and fans are upset and shocked about it.
The series was expected to return for its third season, joining Jessica Jones and Daredevil for the third season.
“Unfortunately, Marvel’s Luke Cage will not return for a third season,” Marvel and Netflix said in a joint statement announcing the cancellation. “Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is grateful to the dedicated showrunner, writers, cast and crew who brought Harlem’s Hero to life for the past two seasons, and to all the fans who have supported the series.”

No reason has been mentioned for the abrupt cancellation. Like, Iron Fist, this has come as particularly upsetting for fans, leaving them frustrated.
The third season three was already under development by showrunner Cheo Hodari Colter. According to Colter, the new season would have explored “Luke’s ability to govern and be fair,” with the bulletproof protector becoming the new king-slash-sheriff of Harlem.

“We’re going to see how he deals with this power because we know absolute power can corrupt absolutely,”

Colter revealed.

“And sometimes when you don’t have someone checking you, someone to put you in place, someone to tell you ‘you can’t do that,’ we sometimes get out of control. We see that everywhere…. Luke is in Harlem, and so Harlem is going to be his place that he’s going to have to control. And I think he’s decided to use organized crime in a very not practical way.”

Here are Twitter reactions:

Speculations reveal that Marvel and Netflix could partner on a Heroes for Hire television series, merging both
Luke Cage and Iron Fist, given both heroes, are long time best friends.
The decision to axe Luke Cage could be tied to Marvel owners Disney, who intend to populate its own streaming service with its MCU characters. Disney is currently reported to begin working on its own TV series for Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).
Disney Play will launch next year and will be “the biggest priority of the company” in 2019, said Disney CEO Bob Iger.

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