You think only Hollywood has superhero nepotism? Well think again. The world of superheroes is full of cases where heores were born into a bloodline or assumed the mantle from a long line of heroes that came before them.

Many Black Panthers Have Come Before T’Challa

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Black Panther

There have been many Black Pantehrs in Marvel Comics, much before T’Challa inherited the mantle. Fun fact – the first Black Panther came even before Wakanda was anywhere near the picture. Aftera  Vibranium meteor crash lands into modern day Wakanda, the Panther Tribe’s champion uses Vibranium weapons and ingests the newly mutated heart-shaped herb to become the first ever Black Panther and a founding member of Avengers 1 Million BC.

The Phoenix Force Bonded With Many Humans Before Jean Grey

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Jean Grey is the most popular host to the Phoenix Force. The cosmic entity is the destroyer of worlds and grants its host unimaginable power. The entity corrupted Jean grey, leading to the Dark Phoenix saga. But the first human host to the Phoenix Force was a woman from prehistoric times called Firehair. She convinced the Phoenix to protect earth instead of destroying it, starting the Stone Age Avengers with Odin.

There Have Been Scarlet Witches & Scarlet Warlocks Before Wanda Maximoff

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Scarlet Witch

Wanda’s connection to Chaos Magic was not coincidental. Her mother was Natalya Maximoff, who was known as the Scarlet Witch of her time. Even Natalya’s father and grandfather bore the power – and they were called the Scarlet Warlock. The connection to Chaos Magic runs deep in Wanda’s family. The High Evolutionary didn’t give her access to her chaos magic powers but merely enhanced what was already there thanks to her gifted bloodline.

Many Moon Knights Have Come Before Marc Spector

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Moon Knight

Many do not know this but Moon Knights have existed since ancient Egypt. In fact, there are legends that the mantle is older than the Egyptian Civilization itself. Khonshu has been around since pre-historic times and he used the legend of the Moon Knight to spread his Gospel within humanity. The Cult of Khonshu and the mantle of Moon Knight have gone toe to toe with Rama-Tut and Apoclaypse when Egypt was at its prime. The latest in line is Marc Spector but his stories seldom mention the Moon Knights that came before him.

Ronin Wasn’t Invented By Hawkeye, It’s A Mantle That Has Been Used By Many Heroes Before Him

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The title of Ronin was not created by Hawkeye. He merely adapted it. the first Ronin of Marvel Comics was Maya Lopez. She later abandoned the title and went by the name Echo. The mantle then fell into the hands of the Red Guardian aka Alexei Shostakov, who was sponsored by the Dark Ocean Society. Even Blade and the daredevil villain Bullseye have used the moniker for their own reasons.

Danny Rand Is Not The First Iron Fist But Is The Latest Heir To The Mantle

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Iron Fist

The first iron Fist was a woman named Fan Fei. In prehistoric Earth, Fan Fei was a citizen of the mythical city of K’un-Lun. When she ventured out to the outside world to teach ordinary humans martial arts – a forbidden act, K’un-Lun residents punished her by making the eternal Dragon Shou-Lao devour her friends. In an act of desperation, she plunged her fist into the dragon’s body. When she pulled it out, she was blessed with the power of the Iron Fist. This act has now become a tradition with many iron Fists existing simultaneously since the Eternal Dragon keeps being reborn every time someone plunges their fist into its chest.

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