New rumors suggest that a new Marvel game is on the way. This seems like the good news for superhero gaming. So far, we know that Marvel is hard at work with some upcoming games. A few of these are Spider-Man, Wolverine, Guardians of the Galaxy, Midnight Sons, and many more are coming to the video gaming world. So for all the Marvel fans and people that are generally into superhero gaming, this is the year of good news. However, more than that, new rumors suggest that a new Marvel game is coming along the way, and it’s as exciting as it sounds. Check it out.

Marvel Rumor Suggests New PS5 Game In Works

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To jog your memory, last year, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced the big news. They released Marvel’s Avengers which allowed players to take control of the whole team in a single-player story. Moreover, it had plenty of co-op content. But all the rest of the games that are announced seem to have a single-player outlay. So, what about a multiplayer game? Looks like there is still hope for it.

Marvel Rumor Suggests New PS5 Game In Works
Marvel Rumor Suggests New PS5 Game In Works

In the recent episode of XboxEra Podcast, gaming industry insider Nick Baker revealed that there might a new Marvel game, which is multiplayer, currently in development at Sony. However, Baker was not able to reveal everything he possibly knew. But he theorized that Spider-Man developer Insomniac Developer may be behind the title which is likely to be released exclusively on Playstation 5.

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If we’re to look at history, then recent years have been a great improvement when it comes to Marvel gaming. But when we think of games such as Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, an ‘X-Men’ game is long overdue. And if the Studio is aware of that, then this is exactly the game that is in development and the rumors might just be right. Moreover, if it allows the player to create their own hero in the game, the fanbase that it can acquire would be unparalleled.

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