Deadpool is really difficult to kill, thanks to his regenerating abilities. This is something that comes handy when you are a mercenary. However, Marvel has now revealed that his powers are not what you think they are.

Deadpool may belong to the X-Men family but he is not a mutant. He is a Mutate. The difference between the two is that while mutants manifest their powers naturally, the powers of a mutate are triggered by some sort of an experiment.

Deadpool gained his powers after the Weapon X program. The infused Wade Wilson with Wolverine’s regenerative abilities. This did help him cure his cancer but left him with a scarred body.

Now let’s get back to the present day. Black Panther is working on an experiment called “star cells”, a kind of nanites that can be used in a laser-like form to heal cells instantly.

Meanwhile, Deadpool makes an Unexpected visit to Wakanda hoping to get a chunk of vibration to save his friend, Willie Lumpkin. However, Black Panther doesn’t trust Deadpool as he believes that he would just turn the vibranium into a weapon. This leads to a fight between the two.

The fight stops when Black Panther slices off Deadpool’s arm using a star cell beam. Usually, Deadpool heals from his wounds but this time that doesn’t happen.

Black Panther further explains that Deadpool’s cells were healed by star cells and his now-healthy cells are not regenerating. This means, that it’s not a healthy tissue that replaces the lost part, it’s cancer. Deadpool doesn’t have a healing factor; he has a dying factor.

This raises some intriguing questions. If cancer is what grows back in Deadpool, shouldn’t he be 100 per cent tumour by now? Perhaps we all have to wait for the upcoming issues.

Either way, it seems like Wade will be coming back for T’Challa’s throne. Stay tuned for more.

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