Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of surprises and they keep on trying new ways to entertain viewers after even more than a decade in existence. Currently about to begin its Phase 4, Marvel Studios has revealed some major MCU television series for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. But fans want to know what will happen to some of their loved shows on Hulu. To put a rest to all the speculation, Marvel’s Television chief talked to Deadline about the company’s plans for the platform moving forward. Let’s see what he says:

Focus On Marvel Animated Shows

Marvel focusing on animated shows for Hulu. Pic courtesy:
Marvel focusing on animated shows for Hulu. Pic courtesy:

One of the biggest things which Marvel’s Television Chief focused on during his interview with the magazine, was the focus on mature animated series as part of Marvel’s plans with Hulu.

A lot of high profile names have been attached to the efforts and according to the chief there are multiple series in the works. Fans will remember that not too long ago cartoons were the primary domain of Marvel’s presence on television. As such, Jeph Loeb has talked about what sparked this turn back to animation after all the focus on live actions series for Marvel. Loeb told Deadline that:

“I’m a huge Archer fan, and Dan Buckley, who’s the president of all things other than the studio here at Marvel, and I started talking about how we have this mutual love of animation and also pushing that wall. The idea of doing something that was more adult, some of which started with the idea of doing Deadpool animation. What we really liked was the notion of putting together a group of titles that could then be a group, as we had done with Defenders “

It’s apparent that Loeb and the minds behind this creative effort clearly love the kind of freedom which animation provides. Also it’s important to note that Defenders getting mentioned does point to the importance of street level shows. The idea of a band of misfits becoming family is something which the company must want to carry forward.

Marvel Animated Shows To Be Both Funny And Political

A Tigra and Dazzler show could be Marvel's next offering. Pic courtesy:
A Tigra and Dazzler show could be Marvel’s next offering. Pic courtesy:

Loeb further said to deadline that:

“We just started looking through things that made us laugh and you know Patton Oswalt playing M.O.D.O.K, Will and Josh, who had this take on Hit-Monkey, the idea of a money assassin just made us smile. When Chelsea Handler and Erica Rivinoja came in, and we started talking about how do we do what we sort of refer to as Laverne and Shirley in the Marvel Universe…”

It certainly seems like Loeb is looking forward to adding those two talents and seeing how those two talents play off each other. Along with this, the Marvel TV boss also discussed the prospect of bringing in various fan favorites to complete their roster on the platform.

Loeb further said that:

“When you put Tigra and Dazzler together and you know that Chelsea’s going to voice Tigra, you just know that’s going to be just fun, and then it was just inevitable. That we were going to do Howard the Duck and we just knew that the kind of Howard the Duck and we just knew that the kind of Howard the Duck we wanted to do was not going to be a live-action guy in a suit or a CG creature, or whatever, we just wanted to do it as a straight-ahead, smart, funny, political…”

Jeph Loeb certainly seems really excited about the Marvel Animated TV shows and we too can’t wait to see what they have to offer to their loyal audience.

To know about the Marvel TV shows coming on Disney Plus, check out the video below:

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