The Marvel fandom is buzzing with the exciting new episodes of the animated show X-Men ‘97. A revival of sorts, the show picks up from where X-Men: The Animated Series left off after five glorious seasons back in 1997.

The gifted mutants team up to face the harsh challenges and turbulences put forth by evil villains while battling humanity’s hatred for their differences. Most of the original cast members have joined the revived show, honoring the vast legacy of the narrative.

X-Men ‘97 Sets Another Milestone on Rotten Tomatoes

X-Men '97
Cyclops and Jean Grey

As fans eagerly wait for each episode in the all-new X-Men ‘97, they can revel in the joy of the show claiming the number 1 position on Rotten Tomatoes with a high 98% approval rating. Leaving behind the likes of Ms. Marvel and Wandavision, two shows that charted a unique path for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, X-Men ‘97 is doing better than anyone would have anticipated.

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Given Marvel’s recent failures at the box office and as the studio finds a definitive direction for its upcoming projects, this latest record by X-Men ’97 comes at a great time. Marvel’s television shows have done incredibly well compared to its movies in recent times. This is because a show gives more space and time for the narrative to fully be explored and divulged.

X-Men '97
X-Men ’97

X-Men ‘97 does not just let viewers witness the nostalgia and glory of the past animated projects, but it also makes an interesting case study on how past shows can be brought back to life. Marvel did not reboot the animated series or make a live-action adaptation of the same, rather they chose to continue the storyline and let the characters take their journeys ahead. From Cyclops and Wolverine’s rivalry to the overarching mutant vs human narrative, the show captures the pulse of the characters and how they contribute to the story.

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X-Men ‘97 Head Director Speaks About Mutant Deaths in Episode 5

X-Men '97
Wolverine and Cyclops in X-Men: The Animated Series

The thrilling fifth episode of X-Men ‘97 left fans shocked and baffled. The attack on Genosha was unpredictable and a massive surprise to the viewers. While some people chose to focus on decoding the mystery culprit behind the attack, others couldn’t take their minds off the deaths of their favorite mutants. In an interview with ScreenRant, the head director and supervising producer Jake Castorena said,

“The decision was never finite, like, “We’re doing this, we’re killing so and so and that’s it.” This might scare fans, but it changed a bit, it bounced around on who it would be because for the sake of the story, for the sake of pushing character arcs and tying everything in, based on where the story trajectory was going, [it] was based on what character it was going to be. But ultimately, obviously, we landed on Gambit and, Magneto. We know someone, a.k.a. Rogue, who is, especially in our show, who was very much intertwined with both.”

This will certainly further the storyline and push the characters to the edge. In the spirit of polishing their motives and future actions, it was important to let the mutants face such a drastic event. Moreover, it helped channel the viewers’ excitement in wondering what would happen next.

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