While all are eagerly awaiting Marvel’s Avengers all over, and everyone knows about its cast of heroes. But what about their counterparts? There is still plenty of time left for the Crystal Dynamic’s action-adventure title’s release.

Villains in The Game

Villains in Marvels Avengers

So far Crystal Dynamics have revealed the name of Taskmaster and Abomination as evil entities. But there are plenty more to the list.

In a recent chat, Marvel’s Avengers lead combat designer Vincent Napoli had some interesting thoughts to share.

“We have a lot of villains planned that we haven’t even talked about yet, and a couple of them I’ve been fans of for a long time”, said Napoli.

Does that help us deciphering which iconic supervillains have been picked for Marvel’s Avengers? Short of raiding Napoli’s comic book stash for a clue, no, not really. At least, for now, we have confirmation that the Avengers Superheroes have the opportunity to test their mettle against plenty of major opposing forces.

While Crystal has yet to confirm MODOK as making an appearance, his organisation explicitly, AIM is intended to play a significant role in the game’s narrative.

This is just too early to tell who’s waiting in the wings to take on Captain America and his team. Whatever the case, we all will have to wait until the launch of Marvel’s Avengers‘ launch next year.

Source: wegotthiscovered, IMDb

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