The Celestials, Arishem the Judge and Jemiah the Analyzer, are the ones behind the existence of the Eternals and the superpowers within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are responsible for shaping modern pop culture and mythology during their collaboration with Marvel Comics. They are the fathers of the multiverse that includes the Celestials at its center. Celestials are perhaps a race of beings that are the dawn of time and have served as shepherds of all intellect in existence across reality.

Out of all the Celestials, Space Gods are harbingers of annihilation and creation. With that said, the upcoming Eternals’ trailer has just introduced two essential additions to its cosmic pantheon; Arishem the Judge and Jemiah the Analyzer. They are the two out of many such Celestials. However, how many are there is still unknown. But Kirby has prepared mythology around the Celestials and their pilgrimages that is known as “Hosts”.



The Celestials search out for worlds during cognitive infancy. As a result, they conducted experiments on the bio-forms that are the carriers of evolutionary potential. Once the selection process is done, the Celestials alter the genetic blocks of the prospects and leave them to develop along the new path. They may leave monoliths across the world that would later serve as a catalyst for further biological advancements.



During the next hundred millennia, the Celestials are going to continue their experiments across every multiverse. Eventually, the Celestials will return to check the progression of their experiments and as a result, the process will lead towards the destructions of species. In the case of Earth, the second host took place somewhere around 25,000 years ago. In this regard, the Deviants ruled planet Earth and employed modern technology along with piercing the upper atmosphere.



Around one thousand years ago, the Celestials again returned for the Third Host to study the man’s progress. The gods of mankind, Odin, Zeus, and Vishna, the father of Loki and Thor, were threatened by their presence and decided to fight against them. As a result, the unified deities of planet Earth failed to injure the Space Gods. Defeated and humiliated, the fallen gods were asked to pay a price for their folly. They were asked to disappear from the lives of mankind.


Today, the Celestials are again returning to see what flowers had grown in their garden. Though Odin kept his word by keeping Thor away from Midgard, he failed to stay idle. He fashioned the Odin Sword and the Destroyer to vanquish the Celestials that took thousands of years in the making. Once that a futile battle was fought a millennia ago, Asgardian Kings along with their machinations were brought down to ruin and only the Celestials and their judgment could save the earth.

With that said, Eternals is going to get its theatrical release on November 5.

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