Over his career, Deadpool has allied with several of Marvel’s more straight-laced superheroes, and their interactivity often brings out the distinction between Deadpool’s deranged enthusiasm and the more traditional approach to crimefighting than Marvel’s other heroes apply. Thus, most of the team-ups have ended with Deadpool’s partner leaving him in a state of complete frustration.

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Deadpool & Invisible Woman

Even though Deadpool’s past with partners like the deadpan Wolverine and the well-grounded Spider-Man was ruined, not any of them has been quite as jolting as his present partnership with the Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman. Deadpool: Invisible Touch #3 (by Gerry Duggan, Lucas Werneck, Geaffo, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Sabino) puts the disparity between Deadpool and Invisible Woman on showcase, with the brawl among the Merc with the Mouth’s causal flippancy and Susan’s no-nonsense professionalism eventually causes the duo more issues than the supervillain they’re trying to find.

The Incidence that Strained Their Relationship

Deadpool and Invisible Woman’s team-up started in the initial issues of the series after the villain Spot escaped an auction with a flash drive comprised of the patents for Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic’s inventions. Fearing the legal rights of her husband’s life’s work to go into the wrong hands, Invisible Woman had to accept Deadpool’s helping hand, as he also needed to regain the flash drive to repair his broken relationship with Captain America. From his links to the criminal underworld, Deadpool was able to find the current address of The Bar with No Name, where they found out that Spot had planned a meeting with his lawyer in a park, and they accompany the attorney to the meeting.

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Deadpool & Invisible Woman Team Up

Sadly, Spot manages to attack them first through his portal generating powers. Deadpool runs in with his guns and swords, forgetting Sue’s warning that Spot is setting him into a trap. As the mercenary shoots a hail of shots into the trees attempting to hit Spot, a traumatized Invisible Woman disarms him and destroys his guns. Spot cunningly takes the best of this situation by attacking Sue from a distance, generating portals to trip her up and stay within a safe range from her shields. Deadpool desperately tries to get in close proximity and stab Spot with his sword, but the villain uses his portals to re-direct his attack. Ultimately, Invisible Woman does captivate Spot within one of her shields, but the antagonist dilutes her concentration by telling her that he might be acting as a distraction to keep her away from the Baxter Building, providing him with a chance to get away again.

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Invisible Woman

In spite of Deadpool’s insistence that the two make a great duo, the fact that Spot got away from them so easily proves that the Merc With a Mouth wouldn’t work well with the Invisible Woman. Thus, to save the Richards family’s hidden secrets, Deadpool and Invisible Woman may have to work on their team strategy.

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