Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ official trailer has introduced some new versions of villains and superheroes. Here are some biggest takeaways from the trailer.


The concept of Multiverse has shown up as a crucial part of MCU’s Phase 4 slate. The timeline is naturally complicated, and it is easy to create new branches at any moment, as encountered in Loki. This signifies that the potential of stories is limitless, and Marvel’s upcoming ‘What If…?‘ will significantly help mine that potential.

Here are the top 10 takeaways from the trailer –

  1. An Evil Doctor Strange


What If…? might introduce an evil version of Doctor Strange, who becomes a terrifying evil sorcerer after the death of his true love. In the trailer, Doctor Strange enters a chamber where several runes surround him. These runes could be helpful for the MCU to relate the laws of magic with the prime timeline.

  1. Marvel Zombies


In the trailer, Winter Soldier goes up against a zombie version of Captain America. It is highly assumed that Captain America will not be the only Marvel superhero who gets transformed into a zombie.

  1. Killmonger and Tony Stark set up as friends


In the trailer, Erik Killmonger leads an army against the forces of Wakanda with Stark tech’s androids in the background. This friendship could be an unholy alliance as Stark never learned humility during his origination.

  1. T’Challa becomes Star-Lord


In a different timeline, T’Challa of Wakanda is the one who got kidnapped as a child of Yondu. In What If…?’s trailer, T’Challa, and Yondu establish a stronger father-son relationship. This version of Star-Lord could be very different from the Quill.

  1. Captain Carter and Howard Stark


This is one of the most exciting parts of What If…?’s trailer, where Peggy Carter becomes the first super-soldier of the world instead of Steve Rogers. The trailer also depicts that Steve Rogers will become Carter’s sidekick in a different version of Iron Man armor.

  1. Vision Tears Out the Mind Stone


Vision’s role in What If…? is going to be a mystery because the trailer showed that he is the one who tells people about the Multiverse. As an exciting part of the storyline, Vision’s variant will choose to tear the Mind Stone from his head.

  1. Black Widow infiltrates the Hulk Project



What If…?’s trailer also showed a variant of Black Widow who infiltrates Ross’s super-soldier projects and interferes during the creation of Hulk as well. This will light up an alternative version of Hulk where he will be seen smashing the Ultrons army.

  1. Party Thor versus Ultron


MCU has already developed a version of God of Thunder as “Party Thor” who never takes life seriously. One of the scenes in the trailer reveals a battle between Ultron and Party Thor. It moreover looks like a mash-up of concepts from the age of Ultron and Secret Wars.

  1. The Guardians of the Multiverse


The trailer also featured the Guardians of the Multiverse. The variants might ally together to fight a typical battle at some point. In another shot, Doctor Strange interacts with Captain Carter, which confirms it as an actual alliance.

  1. A glimpse of Scarlet Witch


One scene in the trailer shares a possible glimpse of Scarlet Witch. She seems to be unleashing a flare of energy with a spear, disintegrating the scene.

At last, the trailer also included a glimpse of the original Doctor Strange positioning as the Champion of the Multiverse in his own timeline.

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