Since 2008 Marvel Cinematic Universe has been coming up with incredible movies based on Marvel Comics. Many things are comic accurate. However, some are not. MCU is known for a wide range of characters, epic battles, continuing storylines, a great mixture of comedy and action, and a lot of other great stuff. However, there are times when mistakes are made. These mistakes might have affected the character’s development, or maybe the storyline. But in some form or the other, they’ve done some damage. So, here are a few stupid mistakes in the MCU movies that have happened over the years. Check it out! Also, you can let us know in the comments what according to you was one mistake that happened in MCU films that pissed you off!

1. Thor Straightaway Went For The Head While Interrogating Thanos In Endgame

Thor going for the head this time
Thor going for the head this time

The revelation Thanos made in Infinity War when Thor hit him in the chest with Stormbreaker was a jump-from-the-seat moment. Thor was so desperate to seek revenge and go for the head this time, that while the Avengers were interrogating Thanos in Endgame, he straightaway went for the head. He should’ve at least waited for them to have a word with Thanos and take out some information about the Infinity Stones. Thor’s impulsive decision cost a lot to the rest of the team.

2. MCU Didn’t Tell Us How The Dreykovs Survived The Blast

Dreykov and Taskmaster in Black Widow
Dreykov and Taskmaster in Black Widow

In the movie Black Widow, we see Natasha Romanoff bombing the building and believing the Red Room was a thing of the past. However, later she came to terms with the fact that General Dreykov was still alive running the Red Room secretly. Moreover, later it was revealed his daughter Antonia Dreykov survived too and became what we know as The Taskmaster. But, how? How did the Dreykovs survive the bomb blast when almost everything was ruined? MCU does not explain this.

3. The Sokovia Accords – Did It Serve The Purpose?

Sokovia Accords made the Avengers look like villains instead of heroes MCU
Sokovia Accords made the Avengers look like villains instead of heroes

The Accords were made to control the Avengers’ actions and maintain maximum peace. It was controlling the Avengers and the harm that happens to the general public and the surroundings. The idea sounded fair to a few, and unfair to a few. Now, this treaty created a difference of opinion between two leading Avengers: Captain America and Iron Man. The purpose of this treaty was to maintain peace. However, it led to a civil war. Moreover, the divide it caused between the Avengers made them look more like villains, instead of heroes. Do you agree?

4. The Way Tony Stark Persuaded, Rather Forced A Teenager To Fight A War

Tony Stark persuading Peter Parking to tag along him to Germany MCU
Tony Stark persuading Peter Parking to tag along with him to Germany

Again, in Civil War, we see the debut of Spider-Man, who is just a school-going teenager. Instead of attending classes, he is persuaded by Tony Stark to participate in a fight he has nothing to do with! A fight that could’ve been dangerous for him. On other occasions, Tony wanted Spider-Man to be a neighborhood-friendly hero, but because he could’ve been of advantage to him, he made him a part of HIS war. This was highly irresponsible of him and mean too.

5. Hulk’s Character Development

Hulk's character development in MCU
Hulk’s character development in MCU

The green guy, Hulk has been an important character in both comics and movies. However, MCU hasn’t treated him right. For almost half a decade, from Age of Ultron to Endgame, we’ve only seen the downfall of Hulk. A great hero like him was mostly shown being driven by anger and rage, and nothing else. Because Hulk has beaten Thanos in the comics, it is almost pitiful to see how easily he was shown to be incomplete in the movies. Moreover, Hulk has been mostly used as a sidekick in the movies and not a central hero. Given the amount of insane power he has to tear down villains, they should’ve tried to show him as the central hero in a few movies.

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