If you believe that you may attack an Avenger and get away without facing other members, you are highly mistaken. A perfect example is Don Cheadle who plays War Machine in MCU. Cheadle recently came to fellow co-star Brie Larson’s defends after someone tried breaking down the body language analysis or the press tour conferences of Avengers. The interview featured Chris Hemsworth, Brie Larson and Don Cheadle. According to a body language expert, Brie Larson was giving away some bad vibes to Don. Here’s she described that one moment in between her interview.

Don Cheadle Defends Brie Larson

Don Cheadle defends co-star Captain Marvel
Don Cheadle defends co-star Captain Marvel From Avengers Endgame

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“I was hoping they’d show her again but he starts talking and she looks over and down at him, so you see the back of the neck is very straight and the chin is downward,” Body Language Ghost says in the video. “She’s looking down on this child”. She could have also said Cheadle here, but can’t really tell. “That is so sad. Parents, please raise your children with some humility or this is what you’re going to get. You’ll get a congressman, potential president, or a psycho pretending to be a hero.”


The whole psycho line didn’t go well with fans and Cheadle who posted on social media, sharing his response, “???? you should see my “body language” right now …”

Cheadle went on to reveal the details fans didn’t see on that video, telling why Larson kept her neck so straight.


“? this is some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever heard,” Cheadle wrote. “brie was trying to keep her ponytail behind her because her hair stylist kept flying in and fixing it. she’s actually being OVER accommodating … amazing …”

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This is not the first time someone has passed comments on Larson’s body langue and press tour reactions and it looks like some will do whatever it takes to defend her time and time again.

Avengers: Endgame is out in theatres now, here is its trailer:

Source: Twitter, Comicbook

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