After 13 years of waiting, fans finally got to see the beloved blue anti-hero Megamind back on screens. Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate and Peacock Original Megamind Rules! feature the titular hero taking control of his destiny and finally becoming the savior Metro City needed.

The sequel movie sets up the world for the 8-episode series to continue. Megamind’s dilemma between good and evil has virtually come to an end as he fights villains and protects the citizens of the city. Being new to the world of superheroes, he consults with a team of his acquaintances who help him navigate the evils of Metro City.

Megamind 2 and Megamind Rules! Season 1 Lack Essence of the Original Character

Megamind Rules
Megamind Rules

Titled Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate, the movie failed to meet fans’ expectations. Fanatics of the original Megamind character and movie will not be able to relate to the latest addition to the franchise.

Despite massive excitement among the fans for getting the intriguing character back on screen, the movie as well as its follow-up series Megamind Rules! has not been received as well as the creators must have hoped. Many believe this to be another attempt at using popular characters to push shoddy content that has no continuity or consistency.

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Megamind vs the Doom Syndicate
Megamind vs the Doom Syndicate

The plot appears rushed and the characters have been made into childish caricatures that point out everything without letting the viewer feel reeled into the story.

The creators releasing the sequel to the original Megamind movie along with the show had already raised some eyebrows while the original voice cast did not return for the sequels either.

Megamind Season 2 Update


Brent Simons and Alan Schoolcraft apparently have big plans for the second season of Megamind Rules! In an interview with CoveredGeekly, the showrunners spoke about how the show will be shaped in the future and what can fans expect from the second season.

They also touch upon how when Megamind was first released, it was a one-of-a-kind story where the hero is not the center of the plot. On the topic of season 2, Simmons said,

“We have to be super mysterious, but we’ve got – yeah, we definitely have plans, big… BIG plans, and you know… I think we might have a surprise appearance by a character from the (2010) film. I mean we kind of see this [Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate & Megamind Rules!] as the next chapter, you know? So, we’d love to kind of keep telling stories and there’s endless stories to tell.”

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Megamind 3!? 🤯 Eric Fogel, Brent Simons & Alan Schoolcraft on Megamind’s return! (Exclusive)

They even hinted at a third movie in the franchise that will be contingent on the sequel and its follow-up show’s performance. While the current reviews and ratings for the new chapter don’t look hopeful, the creators might want to give it another shot and try to develop a story that aligns with their earlier vision.

At the same time, the creators also express how these projects, while building on the villain turned hero’s story, will eventually find their niche audience in younger people rather than original fans of the character.

Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate and Megamind Rules! are streaming on Peacock.

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