When Supergirl returns this fall on The CW, the series will see the titular heroine do so in a slightly altered world. Period 4 saw Kara Danvers/Supergirl managing anti-alien belief and also xenophobia. There were similarities between many real-life concerns around immigration taking place in the news. There was also the hazard of Lex Luthor who had been pulling strings behind the scenes for a very long time. While the Girl of Steel saved the day, things are likely very different in National City currently. That distinction reaches a little a wardrobe change for the heroine also. Supergirl star Melissa Benoist revealed a brand-new look for Supergirl on Monday. The look is complete with a match that bids farewell to the famous skirt.


Benoist Reveals New Look For Season 5

In a post to Instagram Monday, Benoist shared a set photo of herself suited up as Supergirl. She disclosed that the new, Season 5 costume is much more by the matches of Arrow as well as The Flash because it features trousers. The blue and red set keeps the cape as well as also includes a brand-new, much more elegant gold belt. Check it out listed below.




The change to an outfit with pants is one that Benoist told Entertainment Weekly is something she’s been discussing since Season 1.


The decision had been ongoing since Season 1

The decision had been ongoing since Season 1

” We’ve been talking about trousers since the first season,” Benoist claimed. “Every time a writer from the show has come up, and it’s cold in Vancouver, I tell them. ‘Guys, please can I not use leggings?'” I enjoy [Kara’s old outfit] I haven’t changed it since it functions, as well as I believe it is Kara. I’ve always felt that– until recently, I’m like, ‘Something’s gotta provide.'”.


Benoist’s Directorial Debut In Supergirl

For Benoist, the new fit is also a method to show the development of the personality’s advancement. Benoist will undoubtedly be on a bit of an advancement arc herself in Season 5. There was a recent announcement that she would make her directorial debut with the season’s 17th episode. Watch the trailer for season 5 here:


Source: Comicbook, CBR


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