Superhero genre is a juggernaut of the movie industry for a reason. It’s packed with a wallop of action, heroes we can root for, and stories that deal with big ideas that everyone can relate to. No doubt, why projects in this genre are global hits! Yet, one show is taking a different direction. It’s none other than The Boys.

Antony Starr
Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys (Credits: Amazon MGM Studios)

Hideo Kojima, the mind behind hit games like Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, is giving a big thumbs up to the recently released Season 4. He praised the show’s exploration of serious social issues, calling it a must-watch for anyone who wants to think more deeply about the problems America and the world are facing today.

Hideo Kojima Describes The Boys as a Dark Reflection of Reality

Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima (Credits: X/@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN)

The Boys boldly talks about big issues like greedy companies, media manipulation, and how rich and poor are drifting apart. That is the reason why this show is earning high praise from influential figures.

Hideo Kojima took to X and underscored how The Boys breaks away from the usual superhero clichés. He isn’t just a fan of the new Season 4, he lauded it for its clever way of portraying complex social issues through a “bloody” superhero “metaphor for America and modern society.” Check out his post here: 

Season 3 set the stage for a big moment, while Season 4 goes deeper into what the psyches of characters are. This introspection hints at a tragic conclusion in the upcoming Season 5. The show’s central theme – the “bloody hero” – is what truly sets it apart. It’s creators want us to think about how even the best leaders can be tempted to do wrong things.

These once-heroic figures, now corrupted by their own power, reflect how some leaders and institutions in society can also turn corrupt. The violence and moral gray areas in their actions aren’t just for show, it’s a reminder of how those with great power can sometimes go astray.

The Boys Season 4 Explodes with Record Views on Prime Video

A still from The Boys (Credits: Amazon MGM Studios)
A still from The Boys (Credits: Amazon MGM Studios)

Season 4 of the hit superhero satire premiered with a bang. According to Variety, it pulled in a whopping 21% more viewers in its first four days than season 3. The Boys keeps winning big. For the fourth season in a row, it has grown its audience, making it one of Prime Video’s biggest hits right after release. And within returning shows, only Reacher‘s second season managed to grab more viewers at launch.

But The Boys isn’t just dominating the US. Apparently, 60% of viewers are tuning in from outside the country, with Brazil, the UK, and India leading the charge. In fact, the show was the number one title on Prime Video in a whopping 160 countries after just four days!

There’s more in store for The Boys universe too. While season 4 wraps up on July 18th, showrunner Eric Kripke confirmed that the already-approved season 5 will be the final chapter for the main series. The spinoff series, Gen V, is already in production for its second season, and another spinoff, The Boys: Mexico, is also in the works.

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