If DC has Batman, Marvel has Moon Knight. For long, the DC Batman fans have debating with Marvel’s Moon Knight fans over who takes the cake in a Batman vs. Moon Knight battle. Let’s find out the real victor.

Moon Knight: Super Strength

moon-knight super strength

Moon Knight’s favorite tactic is dragging the fight to a point where the enemy can no longer catch his breath. The Moon Knight’s extreme levels of endurance would then allow him to deliver the finishing blow, ending the battle. Moon Knight can rely on his legendary levels of endurance to drag the fight against Batman as much as he could. For all his skills, Batman is still human while Moon Knight has a supernatural source to his powers. He can afford a battle of attrition with the Batman. The Batman would be forced to turn tail and run.

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Batman: Close Quarter Skills

batman close quarter combat

Batman is one of the most skilled close quarter combat fighters in the history of the DC Universe. Only a few people in DC Comics score higher than him in this domain. Batman, based on his sheer skills, has defeated foes much larger, stronger, and faster than him like Bane and Deathstroke. In a fight with Moon Knight, these legendary close quarter skills will come in handy, giving Marc Spector the beat down of a life time.

Moon Knight: Pain Tolerance

moon knight pain tolerance

The only hero that has a higher tolerance for pain than Moon Knight is Frank Castle aka the Punisher. It may not be Moon Knight’s greatest asset in the battlefield but it will surely be of some use. Moon Knight’s uncanny ability to ignore the pain and keep on giving his all is what makes him extremely dangerous. He once took a crossbow bolt to the chest and still gave Taskmaster a run for his money. Moon Knight’s unpredictability stems from his tendency to injure him-self to get dangerously close to his enemies. His heightened pain tolerance will be a hindrance for Batman since Moon Knight will just keep on coming.

Batman: The Bat Family

batman bat family

Everything is fair in love and war. There’s a line that Batman once said “Deep Down, I am not [a good person]”. If he sees a way he could end the fight quickly and in his favor, he would most certainly use it. Batman is not beneath using less than honorable tactics. The guy once trapped KGBeast in the sewers, leaving him to starve to death, because he knew he would not win. The Bat Family is a group of very capable fighters who are more than able to hold their own against foes like Moon Knight. Batman could call in his Bat Family for the advantage of numerical superiority. Moon Knight will be forced to retreat.

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Moon Knight: Unpredictable Fighting Technique

moon knight unpredictable

Taskmaster is a Marvel Comic Book Villain whose primary ability is copying his opponents’ fighting style. This has allowed him to go toe to toe with heavyweights like Captain America and Black Widow. The one opponent even the Taskmaster would never dare cross paths with is Moon Knight. Moon Knight’s unconventional fighting technique means he would happily take on a lethal blow if it gives him an opening to counter-attack. Batman has never fought someone this unpredictable before. In a fight, Moon Knight’s no-nonsense close quarter combat technique will force Batman to take a few steps back.

Batman: Better Strategist

batman strategist

We will all unanimously agree on this statement. Batman’s mental acumen is a thousand times better than anything Moon Knight has to offer. A genius level polymath with mastery of chemistry, biology, human anatomy, forensic science, computer science, physics, and mathematics, Batman is a mind so brilliant it is beyond Marc Spector’s comprehension. In a fight, Batman will use his extensive knowledge at his disposal to turn a fight in his favor. He is also a very capable tactician and strategist, having single-handedly taken down the Justice League on numerous occasions.

Moon Knight: Immortality

moon knight immortal

As he is the host to the powers of Khonshu on Earth, Moon Knight is very hard to kill. Apart from his pain tolerance, Moon Knight is somewhat immune to death. He was possessed by a God of Heliopolis. Even after the spirit of the God was exorcised out of his body, Moon Knight has revealed that the godly essence in him would never allow him to die. On more than one occasion, Moon Knight has vocally claimed that he can be resurrected by Khonshu even if he faces almost certain death. Batman has cheated death on numerous occasions but Moon Knight literally has a hall pass.

Batman: Experience

batman experience

Let’s face it. Batman has been around way more than Marc Spector’s Moon Knight has been. Batman has more experience in fighting crime and vanquishing evil. He has fought international assassins, New Gods, Cosmic Entities, rogue super heroes, meta-human super villains and the likes. Moon Knight is still way behind on the learning curve than Batman is. That kind of experience can come in very handy in a fight. This advantage was what allowed an aged Batman in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns to defeat a villain in his physical prime and twice his size. Experience matters. No one proves that statement better than the Caped Crusader.

Moon Knight: The Moon

moon knight moon

After Moon Knight was possessed by Khonshu, the Egyptian God and source of Moon Knight’s powers, he became the Fist of Khonshu. As the new supernatural avatar of the Old God, Moon Knight gained supernatural powers under the effect of a Full Moon. Moon Knight gained heightened reflexes, strength, and super human speed depending on the lunar phase. With a Full Moon, his strength increased to the point where he could lift more than 2 tons of weight. Without even a Moon, his strength far surpassed human capacity, being able to lift 700 lbs. His powers also included the ability to see in the dark and sense magical energy. This allowed him to see invisible supernatural entities liked ghosts and deities.

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Batman: Resources

batman bat cave

While we do not dispute Moon Knight’s resourcefulness, there is no doubt Batman, courtesy of the multi-billion dollar Wayne fortune and the might of the Wayne Enterprises, has better resources at his disposal. He has multiple hide-outs all over the world. He has allies in every nook and cranny of the globe. Batman has resources powerful enough to even spy on Moon Knight if need be. With a constellation of Wayne Enterprises Satellites at his disposal and powerful allies and connections, the Moon Knight will lose if he enters into a battle of attrition with the Dark Knight of Gotham City.

Verdict: Batman

batman vs moon knight winner batman

His sheer intelligence, network of allies, skills, and experience turn the tide towards his favor. Moon Knight might give the Batman a tough fight. But are you really willing to bet against a Man who has beaten the universe’s strongest superhero to a pulp??


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