The Battlefield 5’s Firetsorm mode has already evolved with newer modes added since its release. In some week, it will continue to change the new loot to get and more locations to go. New more powerful weapons will also get added to the Firestorm mode along with three points of interest on 21st May when battle royal mode updates releases. This was revealed by EA DICE. The developer also gave out the additions and what all players may expect from them.

Battlefield 5 Is Adding More Loot and Locations to Firestorm Mode


Battlefield V
Battlefield 5 Firestorm Mode

Most battle royal games try expanding on maps that exist, continuall changing them with Fortnite being the most incredible example of this. With Battlefield 5 also taking the same route, Blue Forest, Watchtowers and the Excavation Site are three locations that gamers may find in the map of Firestorm once the release of the update. As previewed by DICE, each of these locations will be there and players may plan approaching the points of interest.

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“The concrete watchtowers of the former have been constructed along the southwest coastline, between Baldr’s Point and Guderos,” DICE said. “The significance of the towers is yet unknown, but it’s obvious that the strategic value of the peninsula has been re-evaluated. Blue Forest consists of a secluded forest area, suddenly in full blossom. It has been speculated that the unusually early spring in the region is somehow related to the recent geological activity. Head to the west side of the dam and admire the bloom. Finally, Excavation Site contains a large area that unexpectedly appeared on Halvøy. You’ll find this in the mountainous terrain south east of the quarry.”

Gold Tier Weapons To Also be added

Battlefield V Firestorm
Battlefield 5 Firestorm: Gold Tier Items To be Added

Through the new locations and the rest of maps, a new type will also be scavenged soon. Referred as “Gold Tier Weapons”, the Battlefield 5 category will have tools like a new gun called Boys AT Rifle capable of going against enemy vehicles. Rarer loots like supply drops, lockers, and safes may contain guns like these.

Battlefield 5 has these new features and it has also lost many things that gamers seem to enjoy.

Source: Comicbook, YouTube

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