When Thor was introduced in the MCU, he had Mjolnir, the legendary hammer that was forged in the heart of a dying star. Mjolnir has huge significance, it has helped him fight all the evils.

But Thor has gone through a lot of changes both in comics and movies. We saw him with a new weapon in Thor: Ragnarok and he has used many other weapons apart from that too! Here are a few of them :

1. Stormbreaker


Not even the die-hard fans would have imagined that Thor would lose to Beta Ray Bill. And that happened in the origin story of Stormbreaker. Bill went on to become the owner of the hammer and he ended up with Thor’s abilities and his Korbinite powers.

When Thor and Bill met, they had an identity crisis battle over Mjolnir and Bill won. But Eitri (the dwarf) was then asked by Odin to make a similar weapon for Bill. And thanks to Odin’s intervention, Stormbreaker was created! The origin story is quite different from the one we saw in the MCU.

2. Thunderstrike


Similar to Mjolnir, Thunderstrike too has writing on it that says, “The world still needs heroes.” Eric Masterson had to become Thor for some time and that time Odin gifted him with a weapon that resembles a mace. It looks very much like Mjolnir but has some notable differences.

Thunderstrike gave Eric and later on his son most of the abilities that Mjolnir gave Thor. It didn’t summon lighting but instead projected energy blasts. When it comes to power, Thunderstrike is inferior to Mjolnir.

3. Hammer of Skadi

Hammer of Skadi

The Hammer of Skadi is comparatively different than the other hammers. What makes it interesting is the fact that it brings evil! It was introduced in Fear Itself comics (2011). It also featured other hammers that turned their owners evil. However, this one was the most powerful version.

Sin (Daughter of Red Skull), wanted to rule over the world. She set out to find Hammer of Skadi and that awakened The Serpent and persuaded others to join her in her mission. Another interesting fact about this weapon is that neither Red Skull nor Hitler could lift the hammer but Sin was able to!

4. Crusher


This particular hammer is sort of an improvement after Mjolnir, but of course, it’s not as powerful as Thor’s weapon. For starters, it has a longer handle! Crusher was originally given to Roger “Red” Norvell by Odin when he needed someone to take Thor’s place as he was busy on Earth.

Red Norvell was a part of a crew who were making a documentary about Asgard. He then fell in love with Lady Sif. Loki had somehow convinced him to take Thor’s belt Meginingjord and Iron Gloves of Power which gave him the ability to lift Mjolnir. He later died but then he was resurrected by Odin and was given Crusher.

5. The Original Mjolnir

The Original Mjolnir

Yes, the MCU Mjolnir is powerful, but it is nowhere near to the original Mjolnir in the comics. That is also because most of the powers had to be omitted for the story to be logical enough. The original Mjolnir looks similar to the MCU one and is the most powerful hammer out there.

As fans know, it was forged as a gift by the awards and was given to Thor by his father. It can be lifted by whoever is worthy enough!

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