Great villains make great heroes, and Batman has faced so many great villains who have helped him become so good. Over these years, Batman has got an impressive “collection” of villains he has faced ever for any fictional character.

His threats have come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and even from different planets and dimensions. And there are villains who are loved more than Batman by the fans, for example, the Joker. Some of them have lost their charm, but many are still iconic. Here are some Batman villains who would always be loved (apart from Joker).

1. Poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy has the ability to control all kinds of plants and many of them are poisonous in nature which makes her have a great superpower, but she has showcased her full potential in only a few scenarios. She is one of the most iconic villains and a dangerous enemy of Gotham city. Moreover, she can also lure any man she wants, including Superman.

She was forced injected (or forced to consume) with a poisonous plant and she grows into Poison Ivy who wants to protect the life of plants on the planet. This is a great cause, but in order to achieve this, she wants to kill the humans. In Batman #41, she had taken over the mind of every person on the planet leaving Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. This was one of the few times she showcased her impressive powers.

2. Ra’s Al Ghul

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Ra’s Al Ghul is the head of one of the deadliest organizations in DC known as the League of Assassins. He is a major threat to the Caped Crusader because his crimes are just not limited to Gotham City. He is extremely intelligent and an international assassin as well.

He respects Batman so much that he is always trying to convince him to marry his daughter and succeed him as the leader of the League of Assassins. Ra’s Al Ghul has immense knowledge and resources which he has been gathering for years that make him deadlier than we think.

3. Scarecrow

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Growing up, he was exposed to an abusive upbringing which had a traumatizing effect on him, yet Dr. Jonathan Crane managed to become a professor of psychology and a clinical psychologist. He was later removed from his post since he fired a gun in the class.

His go-to weapon is his signature creation the fear of toxin, which has been giving nightmares to Gotham city for years. This gas forces victims to face their worst fears and he has constantly proved how effective this weapon can be. Scarecrow surely gives a tough time to Batman.

4. Bane


Bane spent his life growing up in a corrupt prison and he had spent his youth killing people by using a knife he had hidden in a teddy bear. He had nearly died from a super-solider experiment program. However, it hooked him on a Venom which lets him escape his custody.

The “Knightfall” arc was one of the most iconic stories and even forms the premise of the film, The Dark Knight Rises. It goes on to show how Bane breaks Batman, physically and mentally. Even though Bane is imprisoned inside Arkham Asylum, he has managed to take over Gotham and even drive Batman out of the city. He has also almost killed Red Hood, Robin, and Nightwing as well.


5. Two-Face

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Harvey Dent was one of the closest allies Batman had, but when he got acid thrown at his face, his split personality transforms him into Two-Face. Once a crime-fighting District Attorney is now a man who is obsessed with duality and the chance based on a coin flip.

Due to the probability of coin and unpredictability, Batman can never be certain how he will act.

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