Geralt of Rivia is the industry’s qualified specialist when it comes to monster-slaying. The White Wolf, armed with both magical spells and an array of medieval weaponry, is more than equipped to take on a range of monsters that stalk the Continent’s woods and caverns.

Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher might not feature as many monster opponents as Season 1, but it more than makes up for it in creature quality. Geralt fights battles throughout the eight episodes that fans have seen. While the season could have utilized more Sylvans and Striga, fans were introduced to a variety of new fascinating beast types.


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Fans of the Witcher book series know how much fun it has with iconic fairytale cliches, but the journey inspired by “Beauty and the Beast” is one of the greatest chapters in the first volume. In this reinterpretation, beauty and beast are sometimes interchangeable.

There are other vampire-like monsters in the Continent’s mythology, but the feline-like Bruxa feels more in line with what casual viewers could expect. Vereena is a bloodsucking demon in disguise worthy of one of Dracula’s legions, and even Geralt finds it difficult to defeat her.


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Fans of the original Star Wars trilogy may recognize the tentacled beast hiding in Gors Velen’s sewers as the tentacled monster seen in the Death Star’s trash compactor, but it clearly seems like it belongs in The Witcher’s universe. While Geralt may not put it to the sword, it certainly causes problems for Yenifer and Cahir.

Tentacled animals hiding in sewers, moats, and other dark watery locations are nothing new, but the rendition featured in the series is far more mysterious and hungry than others. It’s not always about what the viewer doesn’t see.


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The Leshen are some of the most terrible animals a Witcher may face in both the novels and the games. While arboreal entities with magical, nature-based powers are not uncommon in the genre, these are neither the noble Ents of Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings or Groot-like woodland pals. Rather, they are violent and devilish monsters who exist solely for the purpose of doing havoc.

After Eskel severed its arm, the towering tree-like demon featured in the TV series goes on a vengeful rampage. Instead of the Wendigo-like monster from the games, spectators are treated to a more organic and otherworldly entity that attempts to wrap itself around both Geralt and Ciri.



This creeping, crawling beast of chaos magic is undoubtedly the most horrifying thing Geralt and Ciri have seen thus far on their journey. While the text’s more insect/centipede-like counterpart is a tough customer, the enormous chimera-inspired Lovecraftian terror will keep many viewers up at night.

Although Geralt dispatches the beast as soon as he dispatches every other enemy in his path, it’s one of the season’s most tense battles. The way the monster moves, communicates and plays with its prey is enough to give you shivers.

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While he is simply a monster, for the time being, Nivellen is the most powerful of the group in terms of both physical and magical abilities. Nivellen, the beast in The Witcher’s “Beauty and the Beast” story, was cursed to take on his hideous shape by a vengeful priestess. Now he must wait for love to break the spell, as so many others have done before him.

His magical capacity to will things to his wishes distinguishes him from the other monsters and creatures. If he can conjure up a bathtub and a whole meal with a wave of his paw, there’s no knowing what else he’s capable of. He wasn’t the most beautiful object on the continent, but with enough time and creativity, he might have easily been the most powerful.

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