Game of Thrones broadcast for eight seasons, delivering thrills, brutality, political intrigue, and even a few dragons. The program is infamous for its tendency to defy fan expectations by murdering off big characters and introducing unexpected twists to popular themes.

The shocks on Game of Thrones weren’t always what viewers expected, but they still managed to stun those who thought the plot was going one way only to wind up going in an entirely opposite route. And, while not all of these occurrences were well-received, they were all stunning enough to drop a few jaws.

Daenerys Ruined King’s Landing

Daenerys and Kings Landing Burned

Daenerys was Game of Thrones’ greatest hero for seven seasons. She was a conqueror dressed as a liberator, a lady hellbent on reclaiming her family’s history, and willing to kill everyone who stood in her path. She was as vicious as every other character on the program, but she was mostly fair and decent.

Season eight reversed that, basically transforming her into a villain who set entire cities on fire. One of the most unexpected scenes was Daenerys wrecking Kind’s Landing, and fans couldn’t help but watch as one of Game of Thrones’ finest characters was devastated by season eight’s odd decisions.

Bran Became The King Of Westeros

Game of Thrones Iron Throne Bran Isaac Hempstead Wright

For some fans, Season 8 damaged more than one character. Bran’s demise, on the other hand, began as early as season six, when he began training with the Three-Eyed Raven. Bran grew aloof and soulless, speaking in riddles that were frequently irritating. He often stated that he couldn’t be Lord of Winterfell due to his supernatural obligations, only to end up becoming King of Westeros.

No one could have predicted Bran becoming King. It was also, perhaps, a bad one, given his role as the Three-Eyed Raven. Subverting the audience’s expectations is nice, but it’s useless if the actual decision is sloppy and uninspired.

Tyrion’s Stupid Side

game of thrones season 8 trailer breakdown and analysis tyrion lannister 0

Tyrion Lannister was Game of Thrones’ undeniable brilliance for years. He was intelligent, sophisticated, intuitive, insightful, attentive, and a skilled strategist. He repeatedly showed his brilliance, swiftly becoming a popular favorite as the voice of reason in a violent environment.

Tyrion, on the other hand, grew increasingly inept beginning with season five. Tyrion made numerous bad judgments in Game of Thrones season seven, losing Daenerys some critical wins, and by season eight, he was nothing more than a shadow of his previous bright self. Fans bemoaned his character’s regress, which came as a surprise to no one.

Red Wedding

game of thrones red wedding real history

Fans of the novels had a pretty good idea what would happen to Robb Stark and his forces after they invaded Walder Frey’s fortress. Casual viewers, on the other hand, were shocked when the Freys killed Robb’s soldiers in one of the show’s most horrific and horrifying sequences.

Robb was considered the worst of the Starks in Game of Thrones, and his rash decisions eventually led to his fate. Nonetheless, the massacre is one of the show’s most heinous sequences. Several YouTube videos capture viewers’ disbelief, with some even crying as they see their beloved characters die in front of their eyes.

Arya Killed The Night King

Arya kills the night.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1

Speaking of confounding viewer expectations, the Night King and his position on the show ended up being the single biggest disappointment for many fans of Game of Thrones. The program spent seven seasons preparing him and his army for the ultimate confrontation between the living and the dead, only for the war to wind up being a really long night, literally.

Worse, the program defied its own legend by having Arya be the one to murder the Night King. The choice looked amazing on-screen because it was entirely unexpected — almost no fan expected her to be the one to do it, as all chances pointed to Jon being the savior. However, it was ultimately disappointing, not because Arya is a terrible character, but because fans wanted the mythology in the novels to have meaning. The show sacrificed consistency for spectacle, resulting in an unquestionably surprising moment that has become a stain that the show will never be able to remove.

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