While we were kids, we never understood these villains. But as adults, we now finally realize that they were doing the right thing and we should support them.

Magneto – Humanity Was Scared Of Him Because They Never Understood Him


Now here is a boy who lost everyone to a Nazi concentration camp. His parents and relatives, friends and family, were all killed by Nazis. When the war was over, Magneto was outed as a mutant and was then put through another vicious cycle of hatred and prejudice. Mutant or otherwise, it is enough to drive any person into the arms of fanaticism. Magneto was never an extremist by choice. It was society that pushed him into walking that path. And when he decides to fight back against the system that has failed him, we call him a rotten apple?!?!?

Mr. Freeze – He Was Just Trying To Make Enough Money To Save His Wife

Batman the Animated Series Mister Freeze
Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze has one of the saddest stories ever for a Batman villain. Freeze had to put his wife in cryogenic sleep because of a disease that was slowly killing her. He loved her and would do anything for her. A freak accident led him to be permanently trapped in an icy body suit. He still did not care. Freeze would do anything to save the love of his life. He has no means to get the resources he needs without resorting to crime. Even still, he does not hurt civilians, sticking only to theft and burglary for the most part. Batman has infinite resources and money. He swoops in every day in his costume to beat Freeze up but never once offers a hand to help him out. Now that’s just cold.

Darth Vader – He Chose Love

anakin skywalker sw ep iii yoda s counsel anakin skywalker 13348749 852 480
Anakin Skywalker

Anakin fell in love, the one feeling that makes us human and sane. take that away and you get raving madmen spilling blood on the streets. When he found love, a talking green monkey comes out of nowhere and tells him to let her go. Anakin decided not to. Can you blame him? Can you really tell that Anakin did the wrong thing by choosing love over the Jedi way – an ancient and draconian set of principles that have no place in the modern world? What would you do if a stranger told you to abandon the person you love and let her die? We would kick that person and his advice to a galaxy far, far away.

Clyde Shelton – The System Failed Him So He Took Things Into His Own Hands

Law Abiding Citizen

When the law of the land does not support what’s right, the law of the jungle prevails. Clyde Shelton watched the man that killed his family go scot-free. The courts and the justice system failed him. He did the right thing by passing out judgment on a criminal who thought he got away with it. If you ask us, he did not torture the guy enough. Rapists need to have their nails plucked, their eyes screwed shut and forced to drink molten glass.

Brigadier General Francis X Hummel – He Was Looking Out For His Fellow veterans

The Rock (1996)

Whatever he did, he did for his fellow soldiers. He had worked with them all his life and knew the sacrifices they had made to guard the country. But when it was time to pay back, the government failed them. The dude was right to threaten the country with total annihilation. When you have spent all your life for someone and that someone does not even respect the effort, you need to shake things up. And he was not asking for the President to step down or something. All he wanted was fair treatment and wages for the soldiers. Too much to ask?

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