Franchises are lovely. You can get to know the characters better. There’s room for more detail and you always have something to look forward to even if it was a slow start! With the Marvel Universe, they really took their time with the right amount of creativity so that now we’ve come out with so many movies and series. However, not every story arc is made for (or deserves) a franchise. There have been a couple of films that were painstakingly bad and yet spawned for a franchise. Here’s a list of 5 such films –

The Chronicles Of Narnia

For those familiar with series like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, which saw major critical and commercial successes as each new installment was released, it can get hard to believe that a successful film adaptation originally was difficult to come by. However, one could not forgive The Chronicles of Narnia for completely forgetting that the makers launched sequels even after knowing how underwhelming the second and third entries were; both critically and commercially.

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Bad movies that spawned franchises
The Chronicles of Narnia

Grown Ups

In 2010, Adam Sandler released Grown Ups. Many critics panned the film due to its inane subject matter (many critics even questioned why this film was even made in the first place). Then something strange happened: another film in the same series called Grown Ups 2 was released two years later. Much like its predecessor, Grown Ups 2 received terrible reviews and did not do well at the box office either. It seems that some people just don’t know what jokes are anymore.

Bad movies that spawned franchises that were painful to watch
Grown Ups

The Flintstones

1994’s The Flintstones was an animated film based on the hit television show. It was just kind of OK. But some people enjoyed it, and in that regard, it was a financial success. There has been talking about reviving the franchise ever since, and it happened. But Viva Rock Vegas was the Flintstones movie that nobody asked for. Even though it isn’t as bad as some critics say – there are far worse films out there – this film still falls under the category of “Filler movies.”

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Bad movies that spawned franchises (animated)
The Flintstones

Alien vs. Predator

Alien vs. Predator was a sad attempt at two franchises trying to work together, but it didn’t really work out very well at all. Despite being a movie with two of the most iconic movies monsters: Aliens and Predators, the story arc didn’t get its credits as characters were forced into stereotypical “good guy feels pity for bad guy” roles with poorly constructed fight scenes.

Bad movies that spawned franchises that were awful
Alien vs. Predator


A poorly-made movie, Garfield sees the titular character of the comic strip fame attempt to save Odie, his owner’s new dog after he has been abducted; only Garfield had no business spawning a sequel, least of all one with the terribly terrible pun in its title. The follow-up movie brought back the forgettable plot that was forgettable and full of horrendous puns that only goes to show how not necessary and unpopular it was among critics and viewers alike.

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Bad movies that spawned franchises that were painful

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