Influencers and content creators are the new celebrities with MrBeast, PewDiePie, and Dude Perfect becoming household names. From a time when being a content creator was in the lower rungs of aspirational career choices, the profession has now skyrocketed to become one of the most sought-after paths. Looking at the instant fame and numerous brand deals influencers crack daily, many people aspire to become content creators and quit their full-time jobs.

MrBeast’s Advice to Budding Content Creators


While we see influencers making posts that get millions of likes and comments and garnering even more followers, their hard work and rigorous determination behind the scenes are often overlooked. Becoming a famous content creator does not happen overnight. Some take months, even years, to convert their lowly profile into one that gets a million hits daily. Moreover, cracking brand deals and making sponsored posts is not all glamorous. Content creators need to come up with mold-breaking ideas and then pitch them to the brands.

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MrBeast built 100 wells in Africa

After seeing many people quit their full-time jobs to pursue a career in social media influencing, MrBeast took to X to urge them not to make rash decisions. His polite request reaches his 29m following with fans commenting and lauding his sound advice.

Building a personal brand name in a world cluttered with content from every sphere is a daunting task. Even though many influencers make it big with millions of followers, there are countless others whose content never sees the light of day. Consistency and determination are the top requirements for a person to pursue content creation full-time. MrBeast himself had to struggle before he could become the most-viewed YouTube creator in 2019.

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MrBeast’s Rags to Riches Journey

MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson
MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson

Jimmy Donaldson, or as he’s widely known now, MrBeast, did not have it easy when he embarked on a journey to become a content creator. His posts are attention-grabbing while his giveaways amass a large following. He switched strategies many times during his career to find the one that benefitted him the most. A few of his initial videos on YouTube were video game walkthroughs.

Recently, he shared his strategy on X, claiming his change of pace in videos is a planned move to let storylines breathe and intertwine seamlessly. Today, the 242m subscribers on his platform get him over $700m in annual income. Not only is he known for his whacky content, but his charity work is also quite famous, from planting trees to helping people get adequate medical attention.

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