MrBeast is an American YouTuber whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson. MrBeast creates YouTube videos that focus on expensive stunts, challenges, and donations. Donaldson is also a philanthropist with 143 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The YouTuber recently made headlines when he underwent hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Previously, MrBeast was in the news for rejecting a $1 billion offer for his YouTube channel. During an interview, the YouTuber revealed that three people were interested in buying his YouTube channel and offered him a large amount, although he turned down every offer as he wanted to work for his YouTube channel.


Why did MrBeast reject the offer to be a billionaire?

Previously, MrBeast appeared on the Flagrant podcast. During the conversation with the host, Andrew Schulz, Donaldson discussed why he turned down the offer to join the billionaire’s club. In the interview, Schulz seemed shocked by the fact that MrBeast hadn’t been offered “the craziest check-in history” for his content. Donaldson then revealed, 

“I have been offered a pretty crazy one. There’s people, not like official term sheets, but people that would be able to afford it, a billion dollars if they could own the channel and the companies and stuff.” 

The YouTuber further stated that though he had no idea where the offer came from, it was a legitimate offer.

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During the conversation, Donaldson was asked if he had a particular amount in mind if he ever plans to sell his channel and associated endeavours. To this, the 24-year-old replied,

“It’s so crazy I don’t even want to say it because it’s just where I want to be. If we have a mobile game company and we got 100 million people playing it, and we have a thousand physical Beast Burgers and Feastables in 20,000 stores, it would probably be like $10 billion, $20 billion.” 

MrBeast burger chain
MrBeast burger chain

Apart from his YouTube channel, MrBeast owns a burger restaurant chain called Beast Burgers and a line of chocolate and cookies called Feastables.

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Fans’ Reaction to MrBeast’s Aspirations

When you are an artist and your work is appreciated by the audience, you gain a family of supporters. MrBeast has a YouTube family of 143 million subscribers, making him one of the highest-paid creators on YouTube. After hearing Donaldson’s interview, fans seemed impressed by his vision. They cheered him up for his dreams. A viewer commented,

“Yeah honestly a billion dollars was way too small and amount for all the stuff he’s got going.” 

Another user wrote,

“HE is the brand. 20 billion is an outrageous number. It’s not a traditional business you can sell safely. You take the mr beast out of mr beast and you have nothing. People love him, not his revenue.”


The other user commented,

“Man, I had heard of this dude before but didn’t know much about him. He is one solid human. The amount of respect I just got for this guy is crazy.”

MrBeast is the highest-paid YouTuber star, so it was obvious that he did not need to opt for any kind of shortcut to be a billionaire.

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