The Puss in Boots franchise might have a new competition, as Marvel Studios prepare to put more focus on Captain Marvel’s cute but feisty feline companion, Goose.

There’s nothing of substance to draw a parallel between Puss in Boots and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (apart from perhaps Puss’ swordsman skills that are as good as the MCU’s Thor) with both franchises embroiled in a completely different genre and competing for a very different set of audiences.

Puss in Boots.
Puss in Boots.

However, that might change in the sequel of 2019’s Captain Marvel, at least for fans who just can’t resist unfolding anything that involves cats.

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Brie Larson’s The Marvels to Focus More on Goose’s Pocket Dimension

Goose, the former pet of Mar-Vell, is featured in Captain Marvel, besides Carol Danvers and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). The alien creature instantly caught the attention of fans not just because of her squishy looks but due to the enigmatic pocket dimension in her stomach. She stashed the Tesseract like it was nothing.

Goose and Nick Fury.
Goose and Nick Fury.

A Flerken, who is able to emit tentacles from its mouth and gulp enormous things inside its body, Goose’s potential character arc provides Marvel Studios with a great opportunity to add something new to Carol’s fight against Kree soldiers. And that is exactly what’s on the to-do list for the movie’s decision-makers.

Speaking with Total Film, director Nia DaCosta suggested Goose will get more screen time in the sequel as they will look to provide more context to viewers concerning her stashing ability and explore more insight into the pocket dimension.

Mary Livanos, who’s the producer of the upcoming Brie Larson starrer, earlier hinted that Goose, who prominently features in the trailer alongside a ton of other cute kittens, will be an influential character in the narrative.

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Brie Larson’s Character Will Be Troubled in The Marvels

While DaCosta will bring Goose’s very own persona to the fore, fans will also get to see the leads Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris add a further comedic layer to the script with their troubled characters.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.

Parris, who plays the role of Monica Rambeau, said,

“I’m excited that the MCU has three lead women, all from very diverse backgrounds, and they’re all baddies in their own way. It’s going to be really exciting just to see these smart, fun, intelligent, and troubled women find their way.”

The source of these troubles is going to be the entanglement of the powers of Carol with those of Kamala Khan and Rambeau.

In the midst of a destabilized universe, the three superheroes will be forced to join hands against a Kree revolutionary, known as Dar-Benn. Played by Zawe Ashton, the antagonist rose from the ashes of the Kree Empire following past encounters with Captain Marvel. The movie will hit theaters on November 10.

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