Namor is a really “complicated character.” While many call him a hero, there have been multiple occasions where he has been anything but heroic. He’s the king of Atlantis, an underwater kingdom, and this often puts him at odds with the Avengers.

Namor has worked with X-Men and Avengers earlier before, with him currently serving as a member of Jean Grey’s X-Men Red team. However, this Namor is drastically different than what we saw in the preview of Avengers #9.

The Namor showed in Avengers is bloodthirsty, as he confronts a former Avenger and Tiger Shark. This began as a friendly rivalry, which suddenly took an ugly turn, leaving all to wonder why Namor took such a dark turn.

The preview begins with an attack on a cruise ship off the Bahamas coast by Shark Tiger. Now the ship also has Stingray with his wife’s, who happens to be Shark’s sister. This is followed by a hilarious exchange between the two until Namor turns up surrounded by sharks. ”

Stingray mistook this for yet another “I hate the surface world” by Namor and started reasoning with him, which leads Namor to beat the shit out of Stingray. After the fight is over, Namor declares that he has no surface friends anymore, and asks his War sharks to finish off Stingray.

Namor and Captain America might be old war buddies, but it seems like something major has set Namor on his vengeful path, and he’s even looking for new recruits for his team. Unfortunately, Stingray never got an opportunity to say a yes or no. However, Tiger Shark saw the writing on the bloodstained ocean walls and agreed to join Namor, just to save his own skin.

Now, there’s a chance that Stingray might have survived this, as the next page just shows his limp body floating in the waters. However, looking at the evidence given, we think that he’s dead.

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