Master Jiraiya, or Ero Sennin as we’ve come to know him, was unquestionably the best mentor Naruto could have had. Right from the original series, we’ve watched Naruto grow into the man he is under the tutelage of this Legendary Sannin. With his own share of ideals and faults, Jiraiya’s character was nothing short of brilliant. His skills as a powerful shinobi ensured his student’s growth as he has rose as the hero Konoha needed. But like it or not, he definitely isn’t the strongest character in the anime. Here are 5 characters Jiraiya would win against and 5 against him he would lose:

Win: Jiraiya vs Kurenai’s Genjutsu

One of Konoha’s best genjutsu experts, Kurenai could easily entrap most of her enemies within her spell. But considering Jiraiya has survived encounters against Itachi (who could defeat Kurenai’s genjutsu in a jiffy), it follows that the Sannin would clearly survive Kurenai’s powers if they ever had a duel. Let’s admit it, Kurenai is kind of pitiable outside her forte. Knowing that, Jiraiya would obviously defeat her once her genjutsu is broken.

Lose: Obito’s Powers against the Toad Sage

With the ability to phase through anything, Obito has reflexes which would beat Fourth Hokage. It’s even more impressive considering that Minato was was the Yellow Flash. We can infer that Jiraiya wouldn’t be able to actually damage his opponent as he could not move against the pervasive effects of his Kamui.

Win: Konan against Jiraiya Sensei

Jiraiya’s brief skirmish with Konan during the Pain arc made his natural advantages in jutsu over her pretty obvious. Konan’s only pardon would be to detonate recklessly in the very start itself, but considering how long Jiraiya survived in his battle against Nagato convinces us that he would survive her tactics and defeat her, too. Without Pain’s help, Jiraiya wouldn’t have much difficulty in overcoming her.

Lose: Orochimaru vs Jiraiya

Orochimaru and Jiraiya learned under Sarutobi sensei but their ideals couldn’t be more different. Admitted that Orochimaru is way too disgusting, he is just as powerful as well. We saw how the Toad Sage was only able to defeat the snake guy with Tsunade’s assistance. Not to forget, Orochimaru already had an injury from his battle against Hiruzen Sarutobi. If they had a fair and square fight, Orochimaru’s arsenal is far more dangerous than Jiraiya’s.

Win: Asuma vs Jiraiya

Asuma Sarutobi

The mentor of Shikamaru, Asuma, had a deceptively strategic mind. Remember how he helped Naruto with his wind natured chakra?Besides his chakra infused blades, he had also mastered the fire style of the Sarutobi clan. But if Jiraiya covered him in tar, he would turn Asuma’s flames against him. Moreover, if the Sage summoned Gamabunta, he would clearly negate any threat that Asuma might pose in close quarter combat.

Lose: The Fourth Raikage Against The Toad Sage

The Fourth Raikage possessed a deadly combo of speed and strength. Even Sasuke was disoriented by his swiftness in spite of his Sharingan. Even though Jiraiya is fast, he would be unable to respond against his opponents within a split second. The Fourth Raikage would would ultimately overwhelm him, preventing him to enter Sage Mode because of his astounding velocity.

Win: Danzo’s Izanagi vs Jiraiya’s Strangth and Wits

Danzo hokage

Admitted that Danzo Shimura’s Izanagi arm is pretty powerful, he still has a limited arsenal. With only wind projectiles, one summoning jutsu (inferior to Gamabunta), and a short blade for his paralysis runes, he would have little to no chances against Jiraiya. Since he has an obvious weakness in genjutsu (proven in his battle against Sasuke), Jiraiya would be able to exploit his faults, tricking him and rapidly cutting down his many Sharingan.

Lose: Kabuto Against The Toad Sage

Kabuto’s strength surpassed his former mentor Orochimaru’s (much like Naruto’s did to Jiraiya himself). With the powers of the Sound Four in his own body and having mastered the regeneration techinque of the Uzumaki clan, he is pretty much invincible. Even Sasuke and Itachi couldn’t beat him! They only managed to win because of Izanami, a genjutsu way more powerful than the Toad Confrontation Chant Jiraiya had used against Pain. Seeing how Kabuto is not only incredibly powerful but also strategic, he would definitely beat Jiraiya.

Win: Tsunade’s Physical Strength Against Jiraiya’s Hair Spikes

Tsunade, Naruto

The Fifth Hokage, Tsunade’s raw physical strength is powerful enough to defeat Gamabunta with just a few punches. In the end though, her physical strength would only end up with her hands punctured against his hair spikes. She would be able to heal herself but nonetheless, it would give Jiraiya the time and opportunity to reduce her impact.

Lose: Naruto vs his own Mentor

Just like Dumbledore’s death made Harry stronger, Jiraiya’s death resulted in Naruto becoming stronger and wiser (even though he is still the number 1 knucklehead ninja :)). After Jiraiya’s departure, Naruto understood himself and Sasuke’s way of thinking better. After mastering the same summoning technique that his former mentor had, he also assumed the full power of Kyuubi. Using his powers as a Jinchuuriki would make him immune to any genjutsu Jiraiya could hope to fight him with. And since Naruto can harness sage chakra better than his master, he would surpass his own mentor’s powers if they were to fight.

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