We all know that Naruto is not at all known for his romance show, but does this mean that fans of the anime can not turn the show into something soft and mushy? Not at all!

Naruto Fans- Akatsuki Wedding
Naruto Fans- Akatsuki Wedding

Most couples at a point of time or the other, tend to find a show that defines them precisely, and it also sticks with them for as long as the love lasts. This, of course, means that some of these shows are integrated into the vows of a couple, but these days, a wedding is going viral for its acknowledgement to Naruto, and most importantly, to his best villains.

The Pictures

real hardcore fans from Naruto

The image surfaced over Reddit courtesy of user pepsimanco. The fan found wedding photos taken in a slew, which showcased a beautiful bride and her husband. The ceremony looks traditional for the most part, but, it is tough to overlook those Akatsuki cloaks which are being worn by the bride and the groom.

The Bride And Wedding

Naruto Fans- Akatsuki Wedding
Naruto Fans

In the viral images, the bride could be seen wearing a gorgeous white dress with a high neckline. This pretty dress is adorned with beading and matches perfectly with the bride’sjewelleryy and pinned hair. Although the groom is dressed far more directly, there’s one thing that fans can’t let go unnoticed. It is his red-and-black Akatsuki cloak he has on.

Of course, the beautiful bride has hen cloak of on, but it is open wide enough to show off her dress. Also from other wedding photos, it is visible that the couple isn’t alone in a cloak. Even their families are wearing Akatsuki covers, no matter their age.

Final Words:

Naruto Fans- Akatsuki Wedding
Naruto Fans

There is no age limit for joining the Akatsuki, whether you are a newlywed or rogue ninja. Congratulations to the new couple.

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