Bill Cosby, a renowned American comedian and actor, earned notoriety through the 1984 American television sitcom The Cosby Show, becoming one of the most beloved comedians of the era. However, the goodness portrayed on the screen didn’t align with Cosby’s real character. In reality, he is a flawed and morally questionable individual. Cosby’s name was heavily tarnished multiple times by the s*xual assault allegations brought forth by various individuals. Notably, after the s*xual assault allegation made by Andrea Constand in 2004 was dismissed, Cosby is now facing a new allegation from a former NBC intern.

Comedian Bill Cosby is now facing a new s*xual assault lawsuit

A still of Bill Cosby from the Cosby show
Bill Cosby from The Cosby Show

The actor was formally convicted and imprisoned for the s*xual assault case against Andrea Constand in 2018, which was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in June 2021. And now Bill Cosby is facing a new allegation from a woman named Jennifer Watling, a former NBC intern, who predominantly worked in his sitcom, 1984’s The Cosby Show. Watling filed a case in New York County yesterday, alleging s*xual assault and intoxication.

Additionally, NBC Universal Media, Kaufman Astoria Studios, Limited Partnership II, and The Carsey-Werner Company were also named in the complaint, with Watling claiming the mentioned companies offered “the power, fame, resources, and prestige… to gain access to and s*xually abuse” her.

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Billi Cosby is alleged for sexually assaulting former NBC intern in 1984, the picture is showing Cosby a policeman.
Billi Cosby is alleged of sexually assaulting a former NBC intern in 1984

The document obtained by Fox News Digital, which was originally shared by The Messenger, claimed that Cosby d*ugged, m*lested, and may have r*ped her. While Watling was an intern at NBC, Cosby, known as the Greatest Television Dad, initially laid out a friendly mood; he even included her in cast meetings and was generally warm and welcoming.

“Cosby fostered a mentoring and fatherly relationship with Ms. Watling at the studio where ‘The Cosby Show’ was filmed,” according to the suit.

After the recording section, there was a party of the cast members to which Watling was invited by Cosby, but she planned to stay back due to a severe headache. Cosby then offered her two pills that were said to be aspirin. Later, she was found n*ked in his dressing room, where she saw the actor groping her. The pills Cosby gave her weren’t aspirin but rather an intoxicant that made her unconscious. In her lawsuit filed Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court, Watling alleges that the actor might have also vaginally penetrated her while incapacitated.

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Numerous women sued Bill Cosby for his alleged misconduct

Bill Cosby's Image
Bill Cosby

The representative for Cosby has not yet responded to any request for comment. Jennifer Watling, who sued the actor under the Adult Survivors Act, quit NBC in the same year the show aired. According to New York law, survivors of s*xual abuse have until November 24 to initiate legal proceedings for past s*xual abuse.

Watling is seeking compensatory damages for past and future medical expenses, along with punitive damages. This is because he is also alleged for drugging the complainant. The 85-year-old actor has been similarly accused of his s*xist conduct by 60 women, including nine women in Arizona in June.  But it was too late to take him to court because the time limit for such cases had passed. He also served three years in a Pennsylvania prison for Andrea Constand’s case.

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Source: Daily News

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