Umbrella academy season 1 is a complete package of Netflix and chill. It was first streamed in February 2019 and became an instant victory for Netflix. Its season 2 is going to be premiered on July 31, 2020, and the netizens are quite excited about it.

baby pogo the umbrella academy
Two days back, Netflix released an image of Hargreeves’ chimpanzee Pogo, which is much younger than before and overloaded with cuteness are Netizens are going crazy about it.
The series is based upon the novel by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. The plot revolves around a group of siblings who were coincidentally born on the same day and accomplished super-magical mysterious power. In season 1, they evade the apocalypse, which tried to destroy humanity.

In season 2, the genre of the plot is the same, but they will take you to an entirely different time back in the 1960s, still trying to defeat the apocalypse; that’s where we are getting our young Baby Pogo. In season 2, Aidan Gallagher used his powers to send them back so that they can protect the world. In season 1, Pogo was young and working as a butler for the Hargreeves family, who is very kind and a soft-spoken personality.

the umbrella academy season 2 poster
Pogo was quite a rationale and loyal to the masters, especially Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore). He also played a very crucial role in the survival of the kids. Unfortunately, he died due to Vanya’s uncontrolled anger and furious nature. The Hargreeves cousin is all set to face challenges and threats in their way. The fans are speculating many theories and rumors for the new version of Pogo. One of the most popular stories is that the baby Pogo is an actual clone of the original one who had to time travel with the kids where they can sort out this apocalypse mess and save the human race from this danger. There are a lot of questions and speculations from the fans, and as the days are coming closer fans’ excitement is augmenting exponentially. We will get the answer to all this on July 31, 2020, on Netflix.


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